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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all FireKing products fire-rated?

All of our products provide fire protection, except a small selection of safes intended only for theft security. We offer fire-rated solutions that meet a range of manufacturer and third-party fire protection standards, allowing you to make the best investment for your individual needs. Learn more about ratings and certifications here. Please refer to individual product page listings to determine specific fire ratings for each product.

Are all FireKing files impact-tested?

Please refer to individual product page listings to determine specific ratings for each product. Many of our products carry Underwriters’ Laboratories’ 30-ft impact rating. This means the product was third-party tested by being heated to fire conditions while fully loaded, then dropped 30 feet onto brick and concrete, then inverted and reheated for at least 30 minutes to 1550° F or more.

Are FireKing products waterproof?

Our products are not waterproof, but many of them are designed to be water-resistant against sprinkler and hose damage in fire conditions. In addition, some of our products carry InterTek’s ETL water-resistant certification, meaning they were third-party tested and found to provide water-resistant protection in fire conditions. Please refer to individual product page listings to determine specific ratings for each product.

Are FireKing products theft-resistant?

Every product we sell includes theft-resistant security features. Some of our products include key locks that carry Underwriters Laboratories’ high-security certification. Please refer to individual product page listings to determine specific security features for each product.

Are FireKing products really fireproof?

No product on the market is totally fireproof in all conditions. FireKing products are engineered to meet our own high standards and those of third-party certifiers, Underwriters’ Laboratories and InterTek. Products carry ratings based on their proven ability to maintain contents below certain temperatures during fires of different intensities and durations. You can learn more about fire ratings here. Please refer to individual product page listings to determine specific fire ratings for each product.

Ordinary file cabinets are metal and shouldn’t burn. Why would I need a special fire-rated cabinet?

Ordinary file cabinets do not provide any protection in the event of a fire. In fact, their conductive material actively draws the heat of the blaze into the cabinet, where it will cause your documents to ignite.

I have insurance; why do I need to invest in fire-rated storage?

Many fire sufferers learn the hard way that fire insurance will only pay for losses that can be documented. If your records are lost, you must still be able to document to the insurance company exactly what was lost and what it was worth before they will pay. In addition, some items such as client files or medical records can never be totally reconstructed, even if insurance pays. And of course, precious family records and photos are irreplaceable.

Why are some of your fire-ratings only for 30 minutes or one hour when fires last longer than that?

Although structural fires can burn for a longer time, the most intense heat and flames tend to travel from one location to another over the course of the fire. Therefore, shorter protective durations are sufficient in many situations. Please contact us if you need guidance on selecting the most appropriate level of protection for your specific needs.

Why are fire ratings listed as 125 and 350 when fires get much hotter than 350°F or 125°F?

Fire ratings refer to the temperature the cabinet’s contents are guaranteed not to exceed under fire conditions — not the exterior temperature of the fire itself. You can learn more about fire ratings here.

What qualifies a key lock as “high security”?

Our UL-rated high-security locks meet Underwriters’ Laboratories’ standards for resistance to picking and drilling. In addition, high-security keys can only be replaced by FireKing, lending an additional layer of protection for the long term.

Do your products protect computer media and film?

Film and digital media storage devices such as drives and DVDs cannot withstand temperatures above 125℉. We offer many data safes specifically designed to protect these delicate items. Look for the UL 125 rating, which is available in a range of protective durations from 30 to 90 minutes. You can learn more about fire ratings here. Fire-ratings are clearly noted on individual product page listings.

Do your storage solutions protect photographs?

Yes, our fire protection ratings for document storage apply to photographs as long as the photographs are stored in an album or moisture-resistant container. You can learn more about fire ratings here. Please refer to individual product page listings to determine specific fire ratings for each product.

Do you offer international service?

Yes, please contact us to discuss international orders.

How do I order replacement keys?

Please contact our key department for assistance.

How long after a fire should I wait to open my FireKing cabinet?

In the event of a fire, do not open your FireKing cabinet until it has cooled enough for you to comfortably rest your hand on it. Do not artificially cool down the exterior with water. The interior contents may still be extremely hot and at risk of spontaneous combustion if you open the cabinet too soon.

How do you calculate how many inches of filing space are in a file cabinet?

The depth of the cabinet times the number of drawers is the total available space for hanging files.

How do you calculate how many papers can be filed in a file cabinet?

Because every person and business files differently and paper materials come in varying thicknesses, it is difficult to specify exactly how much our file cabinets can hold. We recommend measuring a representative one-inch sample of your existing filing system, counting the papers, and using that as a guide to your calculations.

How are your products delivered?

There are three ways we can deliver your order, depending on your purchase. Many of our products include full-service delivery, where we will drop off and install the item in your home or office. We also offer products that require lift-gate delivery (we’ll drop the product off outside but not bring it inside or install it) and dock delivery.

I have questions not answered on this page. How do I contact FireKing?

Please visit our contact page to be quickly directed to the support you need.

How can I order replacement keys?

Please visit our Key Replacement Page and have your serial number ready for entry.


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