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  • FireKing 1-Hour Fire-Rated Safe with Enhanced Security, Electronic Lock, & Adjustable Shelves - 6 Sizes

    FireKing 1-Hour Fire-Rated Safe with Enhanced Security, Electronic Lock, & Adjustable Shelves - 6 Sizes

    FireKing 1-Hour Fire Rated Safe: Ultimate Protection for Your Valuables Secure your peace of mind with the FireKing 1-Hour Fire Rated Safe, meticulously engineered to offer unparalleled fire protection, security, and convenience for both home and office environments. With a portfolio of sizes tailored to meet a variety of needs, FireKing's fire rated safes ensure that your valuables, documents, and records are safeguarded against the unforeseen. 1-Hour Fire Rating: A Benchmark in Safety Our safes undergo rigorous testing to achieve a 1-hour fire rating, ensuring that your critical documents, currency, and precious belongings are protected even in extreme conditions. Trust in FireKing to keep what matters most safe from the ravages of fire. Enhanced Security Features: Beyond the Standard Experience security like never before with FireKing's advanced safeguarding features: Independent Glass Plate Relocking Device: This innovative system triggers in the event of an attack, providing an additional layer of security. Heavy Stationary Locking Bar: Designed to thwart prying or drilling attempts, ensuring your valuables remain untouched. 1.26” Diameter Active Bolts: Extending in 3 directions, these bolts offer robust protection against any breach attempts, setting a new standard for security. Convenience Meets Security With an electronic lock for easy access and adjustable shelves to accommodate items of various sizes, the FireKing 1-Hour Fire Rated Safe combines convenience with state-of-the-art security features. Choose from six available sizes to find the perfect fit for your protection needs. FireKing: A Name Synonymous with Protection Whether at home or in the office, don't leave the safety of your valuables to chance. Opt for FireKing's fire rated safes and join the ranks of those who prioritize the protection of their most important possessions. Choose FireKing for reliability, durability, and peace of mind.

    $1,155.95 - $3,382.95

  • FireKing Personal Safes - Keypad Lock - 4 Sizes

    FireKing Personal Safes - Keypad Lock - 4 Sizes

    FireKing Personal Safes: Compact, Secure, and Versatile Protection Introducing the FireKing Personal Safes, your ideal partner in safeguarding your most precious belongings. Designed with versatility and security in mind, these safes are perfect for anyone needing reliable protection for their documents, jewelry, or other valuables. Whether for use in your home, office, workstation, dorm room, or even your vehicle, FireKing offers the flexibility and security you require. Tailored Security Features (Not Available with all Models) Digital Keypad Lock: Depending on the model, the safe features a state-of-the-art digital keypad lock, allowing you to set a personal 3 to 8-digit code for secure, quick access to your belongings. Emergency Manual Override Key: For those rare but crucial times when you need access and the digital code is not an option, each safe includes a manual override key, ensuring you're never locked out of your own belongings. Effortless Installation Bolt-Down Kit Included (Not Available with all Models): Security isn't just about locking things away; it's about ensuring they can't be taken. With the included bolt-down kit, you can securely anchor your safe to either a wall or floor, significantly enhancing its security and giving you added peace of mind. Immediate Use: With batteries included, your FireKing Personal Safe is ready to use right out of the box, making setup and operation as hassle-free as possible. Compact and Convenient Versatile Placement: The compact size of the FireKing Personal Safes makes them ideal for various settings. Easily place your safe in discreet, convenient locations without sacrificing accessibility or security. Portable Protection: Designed to be as mobile as you need, these safes are easily movable, providing secure storage wherever you go. Trust and Reliability 90-Day Warranty: Your investment is protected by a 90-day warranty, underlining FireKing's commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. The FireKing Personal Safe series offers the perfect blend of compact size and robust security, making it an essential item for anyone looking to protect their valuables in a range of environments. With customizable access, easy installation, and the trusted FireKing name, these safes are a smart choice for safeguarding your important items. Secure your peace of mind today with FireKing Personal Safes—the compact, secure, and versatile solution to your storage needs.

    $177.20 - $455.00

  • FireKing 1-Hour Fire-Rated Safe - 3 Sizes

    FireKing 1-Hour Fire-Rated Safe - 3 Sizes

    Introducing the FireKing 1-Hour Fire-Rated Safe: The Real Deal in safeguarding your valuables. Constructed from solid, heavy steel, this safe is no lightweight when it comes to security. Featuring robust steel bolt work, it's designed to withstand the toughest conditions and deter unauthorized access with its formidable locking mechanism. Finished with a high-quality powder coat, this safe doesn't just resist intruders—it's also water-resistant, ensuring your documents, electronics, and valuables remain unharmed even in the face of spills or moisture. Peace of mind comes standard with our Manufacturer's Limited One Year Warranty and our unparalleled promise of a Free After Fire Replacement—because we stand firmly behind the enduring quality of our safes. Security is customizable thanks to the up to 4 user programmable lock. One manager holds the master override ability, with up to 3 additional users granted access, making it ideal for both home and office settings. Operational ease is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), ensuring that your safe is functioning optimally. 2 Key hangers are included to keep everything neat and orderly. And when it comes to locking up, 2 Live bolts and 2 Deadbolts offer double the security, double the reassurance. Choose the FireKing 1-Hour Fire-Rated Safe and invest in the robust, reliable protection your valuables deserve.

    $603.60 - $655.80

  • FireKing Depository Safe - High Security Lock with Drop Slot - 2 Sizes

    FireKing Depository Safe - High Security Lock with Drop Slot - 2 Sizes

    FireKing Depository Safe: The Robust Solution for Your Business Security Needs Elevate the safety of your retail environment with the FireKing Depository Safe, a robust and reliable solution for protecting your cash assets. This safe is engineered with the unique needs of retail operations in mind, providing a secure and user-friendly way to maintain the integrity of your daily deposits. Advanced Security Features Mail-Box Drop Slot: Designed with a convenient drop slot, this safe allows staff to deposit cash with ease, while the innovative anti-fish mechanism ensures deposited items cannot be unlawfully retrieved. Programmable Electronic Lock: Tailor access precisely with the programmable lock, granting entry only to those with authorized codes, thus ensuring strict access control in sensitive environments. Fortified Construction Heavy-Duty Door and Locking Bolts: The safe boasts a formidable ½” thick steel door and robust 1 ¼” diameter locking bolts, creating a formidable barrier against unauthorized entry. Drill Resistant Hard Plate: The lock area is further reinforced with a drill resistant hard plate, offering an additional layer of security to resist tampering and drilling attempts. Enhanced Safety Measures Full-Length Deadbolt: For added security, this safe includes a full-length, hinge-side deadbolt that acts as an additional point of resistance against forced entry. Bolt-Down Kit: Anchor your safe firmly to the floor with the included bolt-down kit, deterring any attempts to remove the safe from its location. User and Environment-Friendly User-Friendly UL Electronic Lock: Navigate your security with ease thanks to the UL-listed electronic lock, known for its reliability and user-friendly interface. Generous Drop Slot: A 6" drop slot provides ample space for a variety of deposit items, from cash envelopes to bulky daily receipts. Warranty and Support 1-Year Warranty: Your investment is accompanied by a 1-year warranty, covering defects in materials and workmanship, giving you additional peace of mind. Outstanding Customer Service: Backed by FireKing's commitment to customer satisfaction, you have access to exceptional support for any queries or assistance you may need. With the FireKing Depository Safe, you’re not just choosing a safe; you’re choosing a partner in the protection of your retail operations. Secure your cash, secure your peace of mind, and fortify your business against threats with FireKing’s unparalleled security solutions.

    $954.00 - $1,156.80

  • FireKing 90-Minute Fire & Water-Resistant Safe - 4 Sizes

    FireKing 90-Minute Fire & Water-Resistant Safe - 4 Sizes

    Experience Unmatched Security with FireKing 90 Minute Fire & Water-Resistant Safe: The Real Deal in Protection Introducing the FireKing 90 Minute Fire & Water-Resistant Safe – the epitome of security and durability for those who accept nothing less than the best. Built with the integrity of your most precious valuables in mind, this safe is a fortress against the unforeseen, ensuring your peace of mind in any scenario. Designed for Superior Protection No Plastic, All Heavy Steel Construction: Crafted exclusively with heavy steel, this safe is built to withstand attempts at breach, ensuring that your valuables remain untouchable and intact. Steel Bolt Work: The robust steel bolt work mechanism stands guard, adding an extra layer of security to deter and defend against unauthorized access. Powder Coat Finish: Not only tough but also sleek, the powder coat finish provides a durable barrier against corrosion and damage, ensuring your safe remains in pristine condition over the years. Lockout Mode: Security is further enhanced with a smart feature that activates lockout mode after three incorrect attempts, thwarting any further unauthorized access attempts. Fire Rated: In the face of disaster, rest assured knowing that your safe is fire rated to withstand extreme temperatures, protecting your valuables from fire damage for up to 90 minutes. Water Resistant: Designed to stand up against water damage, this safe ensures that your documents, digital media, and other valuables remain dry and intact, even in the event of flooding or exposure to water. Trust and Reliability Guaranteed Manufacturer's Limited One-Year Warranty: FireKing stands behind the quality and reliability of their safes, offering a limited one-year warranty for added assurance and confidence in your investment. Free After Fire Replacement: In the extraordinary event that your safe is damaged in a fire, FireKing pledges to replace it free of charge, solidifying their commitment to your long-term security. The FireKing 90 Minute Fire & Water-Resistant Safe is not just a safe; it's a statement of unparalleled commitment to the protection of your irreplaceable items and important documents. Trust in FireKing to provide the real deal in safeguarding your valuables, with security features that set the standard in protection. Secure your peace of mind today with FireKing.

    $876.00 - $1,338.60

  • FireKing MS1206 Cash Depository Safe - Fire-Rated - Compact Key Lock

    FireKing MS1206 Cash Depository Safe - Fire-Rated - Compact Key Lock

    FireKing MS1206 Compact Cash Trim Key Lock Fire Safe: Secure and Sleek Protection for Your Cash In the fast-paced world of cash-based businesses, security and convenience are paramount. The FireKing MS1206 Compact Cash Trim Key Lock Fire Safe offers the perfect solution for safeguarding your daily cash earnings against theft, blending seamlessly into your business environment. Designed for Cash Management Quick and Easy Deposits: This trim safe is specifically designed for businesses that handle cash transactions, enabling you to securely deposit money throughout the day without interrupting your workflow. Versatile Mounting Options: Pre-drilled on the sides, back, top, and bottom, the MS1206 provides a variety of mounting options to secure the safe in the most convenient location, whether it's under a counter or in another discreet spot away from customer view. Compact and Unobtrusive Space-Saving Design: The compact size of this safe is its standout feature, allowing it to be easily placed under counters or in tight spaces where it won't attract attention, yet still offers ample storage with a .29 cubic foot capacity. Granite Finish: Not only is the safe functional, but it also boasts an attractive granite finish that complements any business interior without sacrificing security. Robust Security Features Hinged Door with Key Lock: The MS1206 is equipped with a sturdy hinged door and comes with two keys, ensuring that access to the contents is restricted to authorized personnel only. Durable Construction: Weighing in at 15lbs, this safe is built to last. Its solid construction protects against tampering and unauthorized access, giving you peace of mind. The FireKing MS1206 Compact Cash Trim Key Lock Fire Safe is the ideal choice for businesses looking to protect their cash earnings with a secure, convenient, and discreet solution. Experience the confidence that comes with knowing your cash is protected by FireKing's trusted security.


  • FireKing Space Saving FireShield Safe-in-a-File Cabinet

    FireKing Space Saving FireShield Safe-in-a-File Cabinet

    FireKing Space Saving Fire Shield Cabinet: Dual Protection, Streamlined Efficiency Maximize your security without sacrificing space with the FireKing Space Saving Fire Shield Cabinet. Designed for discerning individuals and businesses that demand both efficiency and uncompromised protection, the FireShield provides a smart, space-efficient solution for safeguarding your critical documents and valuables against fire and theft. Innovative Dual Functionality All-in-One Security: This innovative 2-drawer unit ingeniously combines a high-quality filing cabinet capable of accommodating both letter and legal-size files, with a concealed 1.3-cubic foot safe. Enjoy the convenience of storing your files and valuables in one secure location. Safe-in-a-File Feature: The bottom drawer hides a spacious safe, offering a discreet and secure space for your most precious items, away from the prying eyes and hands of unauthorized individuals. Uncompromised Protection Fire Resistant: Engineered to withstand the devastating effects of fire, the FireShield Cabinet ensures that your documents and valuables are protected under extreme conditions, giving you peace of mind when it matters most. Burglary Deterrent: Not just fire-resistant, this cabinet is also designed to thwart burglary attempts, incorporating robust security features that make it a formidable opponent against theft. Space-Efficient Design Streamlined Solution: The compact and thoughtful design of the FireShield allows it to fit seamlessly into any office or home environment, making it an ideal choice for those looking to optimize their space without compromising on security. Versatile Storage: Whether it's critical business documents, legal papers, or personal valuables, the FireShield Cabinet is equipped to store a wide range of items securely and conveniently. The Smart Investment Choosing the FireKing Space Saving Fire Shield Cabinet means opting for a solution that doesn't force you to choose between file storage and secure protection of valuables. It's the perfect choice for businesses, home offices, and personal use where space is at a premium but security is non-negotiable. Invest in the FireKing FireShield and enjoy the dual benefits of a high-quality file cabinet and a secure safe, all in one streamlined, space-saving unit. Protect what matters most with FireKing, the name trusted worldwide for comprehensive security solutions.


  • FireKing 30-Minute Fire Rated Safe with Electronic Lock & 2 Adjustable Shelves

    FireKing 30-Minute Fire Rated Safe with Electronic Lock & 2 Adjustable Shelves

    FireKing 30-Minute Fire Rated Safe with Electronic Lock: The Pinnacle of Protection Secure your valuables with the strength and reliability of the FireKing 30-Minute Fire Rated Safe. This solid, no-nonsense safe is THE REAL DEAL for anyone serious about protecting their important items from theft, fire, and water damage. Robust and Resilient Design Heavy Steel Construction: Say goodbye to flimsy security. Our safes are constructed with solid, heavy steel for maximum durability and protection. Steel Bolt Work: Reinforced with substantial steel bolts, this safe is built to resist prying, drilling, and other forms of forced entry. Superior Powder Coat Finish: A professional-grade powder coat finish not only adds to the safe's sleek appearance but also provides an extra layer of resistance against scratches and corrosion. Advanced Security Features Smart Lockout Mechanism: After three incorrect attempts, the safe automatically enters a lockout mode, deterring unauthorized users and providing you with extra security. Fire Rated: Engineered to withstand high temperatures, this safe offers a 30-minute fire rating, ensuring your valuables are safeguarded in the event of a fire. Water Resistant: The thoughtful design includes water resistance to keep your contents dry even in the face of floods or firefighting efforts. Peace of Mind with Warranties and Services Limited One-Year Warranty: FireKing stands by its craftsmanship with a one-year manufacturer's warranty, guaranteeing a reliable performance. After Fire Replacement Guarantee: If your safe encounters a fire, FireKing's commitment to its customers ensures a free replacement, providing an unparalleled aftercare service. Functional Interior for Organized Storage Adjustable Carpeted Shelves: Customize the safe's interior to fit your storage needs with two adjustable, carpeted shelves that offer a soft foundation for your items and help prevent scratches. The FireKing 30-Minute Fire Rated Safe with Electronic Lock is more than just a safe; it's a safeguard for your peace of mind. Built to protect and designed to last, it's the ideal choice for homes and businesses alike. Trust in FireKing to keep your valuables secured today and always.



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