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  • FireKing 1-Hour Fire-Rated Safe with Enhanced Security, Electronic Lock, & Adjustable Shelves - 6 Sizes

    FireKing 1-Hour Fire-Rated Safe with Enhanced Security, Electronic Lock, & Adjustable Shelves - 6 Sizes

    FireKing 1-Hour Fire Rated Safe: Ultimate Protection for Your Valuables Secure your peace of mind with the FireKing 1-Hour Fire Rated Safe, meticulously engineered to offer unparalleled fire protection, security, and convenience for both home and office environments. With a portfolio of sizes tailored to meet a variety of needs, FireKing's fire rated safes ensure that your valuables, documents, and records are safeguarded against the unforeseen. 1-Hour Fire Rating: A Benchmark in Safety Our safes undergo rigorous testing to achieve a 1-hour fire rating, ensuring that your critical documents, currency, and precious belongings are protected even in extreme conditions. Trust in FireKing to keep what matters most safe from the ravages of fire. Enhanced Security Features: Beyond the Standard Experience security like never before with FireKing's advanced safeguarding features: Independent Glass Plate Relocking Device: This innovative system triggers in the event of an attack, providing an additional layer of security. Heavy Stationary Locking Bar: Designed to thwart prying or drilling attempts, ensuring your valuables remain untouched. 1.26” Diameter Active Bolts: Extending in 3 directions, these bolts offer robust protection against any breach attempts, setting a new standard for security. Convenience Meets Security With an electronic lock for easy access and adjustable shelves to accommodate items of various sizes, the FireKing 1-Hour Fire Rated Safe combines convenience with state-of-the-art security features. Choose from six available sizes to find the perfect fit for your protection needs. FireKing: A Name Synonymous with Protection Whether at home or in the office, don't leave the safety of your valuables to chance. Opt for FireKing's fire rated safes and join the ranks of those who prioritize the protection of their most important possessions. Choose FireKing for reliability, durability, and peace of mind.

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