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What are the Benefits of Fire-Rated Storage?

Fire safety is a critical concern in any building, especially in those that store flammable or hazardous materials. The use of fire-rated storage helps minimize the risk of loss of critical documents and data for yourself and your organization. What is Fire-Rated Storage? Fire-rated storage refers to storage units or cabinets that are specifically designed […]

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An open drawer of a FireKing file cabinet after a fire.
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A FireKing FireCube, SureSeal and Turtle photoshopped in front of a wildfire background.

Best Storage Products for Wildfire

The Best Storage Products for Wildfire As you prepare for wildfire season, you should consider the storage and safety of your vital records

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A blog title showing silhouettes standing in front of a wildfire.

How to Prepare Before Wildfire Season

How to Prepare Before Wildfire Season Wildfire Season is Here Typically wildfire season runs July through October. We wanted to create this guide

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An aerial view of Robinson Industries after their fire in 2022

Fire-Rated Storage for Financial Professionals

Why buy fire-rated storage? Fire is unpredictable and if you could tell when it would happen, you would prepare accordingly. In order to

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people seeing a fire

The file cabinet that crashed but didn’t burn.

Newspaper reports called this the “most destructive fire ever to hit Terre Haute, Indiana.” When it was over, two blocks of the city’s

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twister in a city

It withstood an F-5 tornado without a loss.

Backing up the computer and placing the disk in the file cabinet along with other valuable records was a routine precaution for Sande

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car on a highway

Saved from a rolling disaster by her FireKing cabinet.

June proved to be much hotter than Mrs. Gerald Adams ever expected. At least for the contents of her household. During her move

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person signing papers with a pen

Great insurance for their insurance papers

Virtually every business purchases insurance to protect its assets. But how do you protect the insurance documents that insure the continuity of your

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Data retrieved, picture-perfect, from fire that melted girders

American Hose and Hydraulics of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, suffered a devastating fire that totally destroyed its offices. Experts determined that the blaze roared

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three people analyzing a plane

Disaster Prep for Accounting Firms

In the Sarbanes-Oxley era of regulatory and legal compliance, an increasing amount of corporate data is being recorded, categorized and archived. Vital records

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dentist writing in a paper in a dental office

Record Keeping Best Practices for Dentist Offices

Protecting and creating “backup copies” of a dental practice’s vital records is a crucial management issue for dentists. When the personal, privileged health

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doctor touching a tablet with her finger

Complying with Medical Laws & Requirements

Every category of business or governmental organizations has a number of certain documents and other items that are important enough to safeguard from

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wall with the sign:

Best Practices for Records & Documents Protection for Funeral Homes

Many funeral homes are small, family-owned operations that have been in business for many generations. Given those circumstances, even the most modest of

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The Best Protection Money Can Buy

As one of America’s leading manufacturers, FireKing offers best-in-class products for asset protection in retail, commercial, and home office environments.