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Why Fire-Rated Storage?

Fire-Rated Storage is Critical to Protect Your Most Valuable Documents

Those that experience a devastating natural disaster or fire learn the hard way that insurance will only pay for losses that can be documented. If your records are lost, you must still be able to document to the insurance company exactly what was lost and what it was worth before they will pay. In addition, some items such as client files or medical records can never be totally reconstructed, even if insurance pays. And of course, precious family records and photos are irreplaceable.

The right fire-rated file cabinet is not just an answer. It’s a series of questions.

Protecting tax records, customer lists, accounts payable and receivable, insurance policies, vital records, deeds, licenses, and titles are all critical to mitigate risk in your business and your life.
FireKing has been building fire-rated files, safes, and storage cabinets of unsurpassed quality since 1951. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility builds thousands of FireKing products for business, government, financial and personal use every year.
For protecting your valuable information and your peace of mind, FireKing products are the best records protection that you can buy.

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