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Fire and Water Chest

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  • SureSeal by FireKing - 30-Minute or 1-Hour Fire & Water Resistant Chest - 4 Sizes

    SureSeal by FireKing - 30-Minute or 1-Hour Fire & Water Resistant Chest - 4 Sizes

    Safeguard Your Essentials with the SureSeal by FireKing® 30 Minute Fire and Water-Resistant Chest In the face of disaster, safeguarding your irreplaceable items and critical documents becomes paramount. The SureSeal by FireKing® Fire and Water Resistant Chest offers unparalleled protection, ensuring your valuables, from birth certificates to business records, remain unscathed and accessible, even when the unforeseen strikes. Designed for Ultimate Protection Imagine the peace of mind knowing that your bank account numbers, birth and marriage certificates, titles, deeds, and other invaluable documents are secure against the devastating impacts of fire and water. The SureSeal Chest is your bulwark against these very real threats, offering a safe haven for both paper documents and digital media. Uncompromised Security Features UL Class 350 30-Minute Fire Rating: This chest withstands extreme temperatures, ensuring the integrity of your valuables for up to 30 minutes in a fire. Water Resistant: Designed to keep your items dry and intact, the SureSeal Chest shields against water damage, making it an ideal choice for areas prone to floods or accidents. Dual Compression Latches: Ensure a tight seal against external elements, enhancing the chest’s resistance to water and fire. Convenient Handle: Ease of mobility is essential, whether you're repositioning within your home or evacuating. The built-in handle ensures your valuables are easily transportable in times of urgency. Peace of Mind Guaranteed 7 Year Warranty: We stand behind the durability and performance of our products with a comprehensive 7-year warranty, promising years of protection. Lifetime After-Fire Guarantee: In the unlikely event your chest faces a fire, FireKing® offers a lifetime replacement guarantee, ensuring you're never without protection for your most important items. Versatile and Trustworthy The SureSeal by FireKing® Fire and Water-Resistant Chest is not just a safety measure; it's an investment in peace of mind. Suitable for both personal and business use, this chest is a testament to FireKing’s commitment to quality, reliability, and security. Ensure your essential documents and valuables are protected from fire and water damage with FireKing® - your partner in safeguarding what matters most.

    $220.40 - $342.20

Fire and Water Chest


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