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  • FireKing Patriot Series - 1-Hour Fire Rated Vertical File Cabinet - 2 or 4 Drawers - 2 Colors

    FireKing Patriot Series - 1-Hour Fire Rated Vertical File Cabinet - 2 or 4 Drawers - 2 Colors

    FireKing Patriot Series Vertical File Cabinets: Affordable Security for Your Business Introducing the FireKing Patriot Series Vertical File Cabinets, the cost-effective answer to your document security needs. Balancing affordability with FireKing’s renowned integrity and high-quality construction, these file cabinets are designed for businesses operating within today’s budget-conscious landscape. Superior Fire Protection UL Class 350° One Hour Fire Rating with Impact: Your vital records are protected against intense heat and impact, thanks to the Patriot’s UL-classified fire endurance rating, ensuring your peace of mind in the face of disaster. Versatile and Spacious Two and Four Drawer Models: Available in both 31" and 25" sizes, the Patriot series is adaptable to a variety of storage needs. The 25" model efficiently accommodates letter-sized documents front to back or legal-sized documents side to side, while the 31" model offers additional space for either legal or letter-sized files. Designed for Convenience and Aesthetics Field Replaceable Panels: In the event of damage, individual panels can be replaced, extending the life of your cabinet and maintaining a consistent aesthetic in your office space. Recessed Handles: The sleek, recessed handles not only save space but also contribute to a streamlined look, complementing any office decor. Color Choices to Match Your Style: Select from two popular finishes—black and parchment—to ensure your file cabinet matches your office palette. Durability and Reliability Manufacturer's 10-Year Limited Warranty: FireKing’s confidence in the durability and performance of the Patriot Series is evidenced by the decade-long warranty, reflecting a commitment to long-term customer satisfaction. Made in the USA: Take pride in owning a domestically produced product that stands for quality craftsmanship and American-made reliability. Whether you’re storing sensitive client information, crucial business records, or legal documents, the FireKing Patriot Series Vertical File Cabinets provide a secure, fire-resistant location for your most important files. With its combination of practical features, sturdy construction, and economical pricing, the Patriot series is an ideal choice for any business looking to protect its assets without breaking the bank. Choose FireKing’s Patriot Series and invest in the safety and security of your business documents.

    $2,108.00 - $3,651.20

  • FireKing 1-Hour Fire Rated Card, Check, & Note File Cabinet - 4 or 6 Drawers - 11 Colors

    FireKing 1-Hour Fire Rated Card, Check, & Note File Cabinet - 4 or 6 Drawers - 11 Colors

    Protect Your Valuables with FireKing's 1 Hour Fire Rated - Card, Check, and Note File Cabinet Elevate the security of your critical documents and valuables to new heights with FireKing's 1 Hour Fire Rated - Card, Check, and Note File Cabinet. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and the highest quality materials, this file cabinet offers unparalleled protection against fire, impact, or explosion, ensuring your peace of mind in any situation. Robust and Reliable Construction Fire Resistant Insulation: Our cabinets are equipped with 100% gypsum insulation, reinforced by a robust 1” by 2” lattice of 14-gauge galvanized welded steel wire, offering superior protection against extreme conditions. Field Replaceable Steel Panels: Accidental damage doesn't mean the end. Easily replace any damaged panel without the need for a complete cabinet replacement. Durable Finish: Coated with an environmentally-friendly electrostatic powder, our cabinets resist scratches and maintain a quality appearance for life. Choose from a wide range of colors including arctic white, ivory white, parchment, and more, to match your office decor. Innovative Features for Enhanced Security High-Side Drawer Bodies: Designed for use with hanging folders, eliminating the need for additional frames and maximizing storage efficiency. Maintenance-Free Drawer Suspensions: Smooth operation without the hassle of upkeep. UL®-Listed Medeco High-Security Locks: Keep your contents secure with locks that meet the highest standards of security. Water Resistance: Designed to withstand water damage from sprinklers and fire hoses, ensuring your documents stay dry and intact. Certified Peace of Mind Underwriters Laboratories® (UL®) Fire & Impact Rating: Our cabinets are certified with the 1-Hour Class 350 Fire with Impact UL label, having withstood rigorous testing for fire exposure, explosions, and impact integrity. Limited Lifetime Warranty: FireKing offers a limited lifetime warranty on all mechanical or operable parts, with labor costs covered for two years, promising long-term reliability and customer satisfaction. Customization and Upgrades Enhance the functionality and appearance of your file cabinet with optional upgrades, including custom color finishes, standard lock options, casters for mobility, and interior organization solutions such as 2-section or 3-section inserts and card trays. Proudly made in the USA, the FireKing 1 Hour Fire Rated - Card, Check, and Note File Cabinet is not just a piece of office furniture, but a commitment to the safety and security of your most important assets. Trust FireKing to protect what matters most to you.

    $6,282.20 - $7,133.60


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