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Top 5 Fire-Rated Products to Reduce Your Risk in 2023

A banner showing the top 5 risk management fire-rated products for 2023.

In today’s world, businesses face numerous risks, including fire hazards. While fire protection and suppression systems are important measures to reduce fire risk, they are not enough. To minimize the potential damage and loss from fire, it is important to consider the safe storage of valuable assets, documents, and equipment.

One way to reduce fire risk in a business is through the use of fire-rated storage. Fire-rated storage refers to cabinets, safes, and other containers designed to resist fire and prevent the spread of flames. These containers are tested and certified to meet specific standards for fire resistance and are available in various sizes and capacities to meet the specific needs of a business.

Benefits of Fire-Rated Storage

  1. Protects Valuable Assets: Fire-rated storage protects valuable assets, such as important documents, equipment, and other items, from fire damage. By keeping these items in a fire-resistant container, businesses can minimize the potential loss and damage in the event of a fire.
  2. Prevents Fire Spread: Fire-rated storage containers are designed to limit the spread of flames, reducing the risk of fire damage to other areas of a business. This can help reduce the overall impact of a fire and minimize the amount of damage sustained.
  3. Meets Regulations: Many businesses are required by law to have fire-rated storage to meet safety regulations. By using fire-rated storage, businesses can ensure they are in compliance with these regulations and reduce their risk of legal liability.
  4. Increases Safety: Fire-rated storage can also increase the safety of employees and customers by limiting the spread of flames and smoke in the event of a fire.
  5. Maintains Data Integrity: For businesses that rely on data, fire-rated storage can help maintain the integrity of critical data by preventing fire damage to computers, servers, and other data storage devices.

Our Top 5 Fire-Rated Products for Risk Management in 2023

  1. Classic Vertical
    Classic High Security Vertical File Cabinet - 4-1831-CAW
    The Classic Vertical is a top-selling product and rightfully so. It comes in 1 or 2-hour rated versions and the chrome handles are a delight to use on a daily basis. And you’ll be glad you had one if you ever experience the devastating effects of a fire on your business. Shop the Classic Vertical here.
  2. Classic Lateral
    FireKing Classic High Security Lateral File Cabinet 4-3822-CPA
    The Classic Lateral is a flexible way to reduce your business risk. Wide shelves are able to accommodate letter OR legal filing. And the drawer bodies are large enough to fit harder to store items as well. If you are looking to protect the most space at once, the Classic Lateral is for you.
    Shop the Classic Lateral here.
  3. Storage Cabinet
    Standard Fire-Rated Storage Cabinet – CF 7236-DAW with the right door open and books inside
    We love when our customers use our fire-rated Storage Cabinet to store bulky items or develop their own custom storage solutions. At 6 feet tall, you can fit different types of documents and data within this cabinet. It can work for 3 or 6 rows depending on your unique storage and protection needs.
    Shop the Storage Cabinet here.
  4. Mobile Pedestal
    FireKing Mobile Pedestal Cabinet with drawers open in Arctic White
    Our Mobile Pedestal is the newest product we offer – it has been developed using our proprietary fire-protection mix and is available in 30 or 60-minute fire-ratings. With a catchall top drawer and a bottom drawer that works for letter OR legal filing, the Pedestal offers a flexible arrangement. Perfect for WFH or individual work areas, you can combine the pedestal with a cushion for extra seating that works with your décor. It’s heavy duty caster wheels also allow for flexibility with where you place it.
    Shop the Mobile Pedestal here.
  5. SureSeal
    1-Hour Fire-Rated Fire and Water Chest - SS104 open with objects inside
    Our SureSeal offers big protection in a small size. It is portable enough to grab in the case of an emergency but also fire-rated for 1 hour, so you have peace of mind that your documents and data are safe even if you have to leave it behind. Another great option for WFH environments where documents need to be protected.
    Shop the SureSeal SS 104 here.

In conclusion, using fire-rated storage is an effective way for businesses to reduce their risk of fire damage and loss. By protecting valuable assets, limiting the spread of flames, meeting regulations, increasing safety, and maintaining data integrity, businesses can minimize the impact of a fire and keep their operations running smoothly.

It is important for businesses to consider the type of fire-rated storage that is best suited for their specific needs and to have a comprehensive fire protection plan in place to minimize the risk of fire damage. By investing in fire-rated storage and implementing fire protection measures, businesses can protect their assets, employees, and customers and ensure their continued success.

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