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Why are the Medeco locks considered high security?

FireKing’s proprietary Medeco locks are considered high security because of three features: key control, pick resistance, and physical strength. 

Why do I need a special file? My everyday files are metal - they won't burn.

Standard Metal Files offer no protection from fire. They will actually directly conduct the fire's heat inside, where your records will ignite and burn.

Why do I need a special product for computer media? Don't fire files and safes protect everything from fire?

FireKing files are rated to protect both documents and electronic media to include CD, DVD, hard drives and thumb drives. To protect records kept on tape you need a data safe which carries the UL Class 125° rating. 

Why do I need special file cabinets? My regular files are metal; they won’t burn

While everyday metal files may not burn, they directly conduct the heat of a fire to the interior, where your records will ignite. In a sense, your standard metal file cabinets become fancy incinerators.

Why do I need special products to protect computer media?

Computer media is considerably more susceptible to heat and moisture damage than paper records, and therefore must have a considerably greater degree of protection. FireKing Data Safes and MediaVaults are designed to provide superior protection against not just heat and humidity, but also dust and magnetic interference. They offer complete protection for your company's computer media.

Why should I buy records protection products? After all, I'm insured.

Fire insurance is available, but many fire sufferers found out the hard way that insurance will only pay on losses that can be documented. If your records are lost, you must still be able to document to the insurance company exactly what was lost and what it was worth before they will pay. Fire sufferers have also found out that some items can never be totally reconstructed, even if insurance pays. Vendor/client files, contracts, personnel files, engineering blueprints, accounts receivable and payable - can you and your staff remember or recreate all the information for all these categories? Personal records such as wills, passports, wedding/divorce papers, birth certificates, baby pictures, household goods inventory, tax records, and personal treasures (such as art masterpieces by your child) should all be protected at home.

Why should I purchase records protection products? Won’t my insurance cover my records?

The proper business insurance will cover your records. The catch is, you must document all your losses. If your documents are destroyed, that will be extremely difficult. In addition, there are business records and even personal items that are literally irreplaceable. No amount of insurance can compensate for their loss.

Wine-County Fire Destroys Everything Except Man's FireKing File and its Contents