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FB2114 Depository Specs

File Cabinet Lock Options

Files: Cutaway Spec Sheet

Fire & Waterproof Humidor - Brochure and Specs

Fire + Burglary Safe Warranty

Fire and Water Resistant Safes

burn test image

FireKing Burn Test: What happens to a filing cabinet in a fire?

FireKing Cash Management Solutions Catalog 2018

FireKing Cash Management Solutions Flipbook

FireKing Cash Recycling Solution

FireKing Catalog Specifications

FireKing Jacobi's Food Mart Video

FireKing Continues to Transform Jacobi's Food Mart

FireKing Data Safes: Data Safe Capacity Chart

Cabinet Drop Test Video Thumbnail Image

FireKing Drop Test: What happens to a filing cabinet in a fire?

FireKing File and Storage Cabinet Limited Warranty

FireKing Fire Resistant Safes Limited Warranty

FireKing Fireproof Product Specs

FireKing Helps You Comply with HIPAA

FireKing Home Safes Limited Warranty

FireKing MediaVault Limited Warranty

FireKing Office & Consumer Products Catalog 2018

FireKing Office Consumer Products Flipbook

FireKing Security Composite Safes

FireKing Security Group Offers New Integrated Cash Recycler

FireKing Turtle Brochure

cash recycler

FireKing's Under-the-Counter Cash Recycler

FireKing... ELEVATING the video management space with its Video Intelligence Platform!

Frequently Asked Questions (SV2)

Gold-Service Plan

Still Standing

Hard to Tell, but it's one heck of a silver lining. FireKing Protects What is Important.

Hercules Cash Boxes, Drawers and Key Cabinets Limited Warranty

Hercules Personal Alarms Limited Warranty

Hercules: Book Safes and Emergency Key Safe

Hercules: Cash boxes

Hercules: Cash Drawers

Hercules: Key Cabinets

Hinge Troubleshooting

How do back office users access the software solution?

Full remote management via a web browser using a secure connection and login credentials. Capabilities include configuration changes, software revision and a robust business intelligence reporting platform (cash and activity level reporting).

How do I find basic safe instructions?

See our website or call our Service department for assistance at (800) 342-3033.

How do you calculate how many inches of filing space are in a cabinet?

Let’s use a 4-2131-C for an example. Take the inside depth of the cabinet, 26”, and multiply that by the number of drawers, 4. So, 26 * 4 = 104 

How do you calculate how many papers can be filed in a file cabinet?

Because people tend to file differently (some use many file folders some use only a few) and because people file different types of papers (catalogues vs. single sheets) the best way to calculate how many papers can be filed in a cabinet is to measure one inch worth of the materials you plan to file. Then count however many papers/items are in that inch and multiply that by the interior depth of the drawer. The resulting number is how many papers can be filed in each drawer. 

Frazier Museum Video Thumbnail Image

How FireKing Helps the Frazier Museum

How is physical hardware/software maintenance performed (at device)?

Software maintenance is performed remotely via web services. Hardware maintenance can be accomplished through the dispatch of our Field Service Technicians. Reliability is enhanced by our ability to perform predictive maintenance based on metrics kept by the system.

How it's Made Filing Cabinets

How it's Made: FireKing Filing Cabinets

How it's made thumbnail

How it's Made: FireKing Safes

How long after a fire should I wait to open my FireKing cabinet?

Wait until you can comfortably rest your hand on the cabinet before you open it, to avoid thedanger of spontaneous combustion of its contents. While you can artificially cool down thecabinet with water, it can give a false impression of how cool the interior may be, so be very careful.

How long does it take to get an intelligent safe, delivered and installed?

Approximately six weeks typically from the time your order is submitted and depending on stock levels.

How long does it take to have a traditional safe delivered and installed?

Between two and four weeks typically from the time your order is submitted and depending on stock levels.