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1 Year Limited Warranty

Accessories: DRYFiles Specs

According to end users, the most important documents to store in a fireproof file are?

Our research has identified the top five reasons businesses currently or not currently using fireproof records protection will consider purchasing FireKing products are: 1.) To protect records needed to prove losses to their insurance company.2.) No need to take chances when a fireproof file is an investment that will last the lifetime of the business.3.) Fire can cause major damage in an individual office even if the building doesn’t catch fire. 4.) Lost accounting records can dramatically affect a company’s financial health.5.) Because no building is really fireproof. Protecting records for insurance claims was perceived as more important than protecting accounting records; and, fireproof files were viewed as an investment, not an expense like some other office equipment such as copiers, computers, faxes etc. 

Are all FireKing files impact tested?

FireKing files carry Underwriters' Laboratories 1-hour fire and impact rating. To earn the the UL Impact rating a fully loaded file cabinet is heated to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for one-half hour and then dropped 30 feet onto a bed of rubble. It is then placed back in the oven at 1550 degrees for another 30 minutes. The contents must survive this test to earn the rating.

Are the filing cabinets waterproof?

No. FireKing Classic Commercial Files have passed the ETL water resistant test. All FireKing files are designed to be water resistant against fire hose and sprinkler systems after the insulated product is exposed to heat.  

Are these products really fireproof?

No product on the market is totally fire proof. The actual UL classification is for fire resistance based on the product’s tested and proven ability to resist fires of specific temperatures and lengths. These tests are based on the types and duration of fires experienced by the vast majority of businesses

At what temperatures does Computer media begins to breakdown and become useless?

Computer media such as film is different from paper records. Film will be rendered useless at temperatures above 125 degrees Fahrenheit and above 80% relative humidity. Why is this important? Computer media needs extra protection. That's why we offer special products just for computer media such as our MediaVault and data safes. They maintain an inside temperature of less than 125 and 80 percent relative humidity.

Bypass Feature Troubleshooting

Can I have a different lock than what is in the picture?

Yes, on certain models.  Call our Customer Service Team for other lock options.  

Color Selections for insulated filing cabinets

Data Safes DS and DM Models Warranty

Do you offer international service?

Yes, we do, for more information call (812) 822-5574 ext. 3014 for Fire King Customer Service

Does FireKing modify cabinetry or perform carpentry services?

No, technicians perform safe repairs and installations. However, FireKing will consult with you on your custom needs to ensure you get the best results from your new safe.

Drawer Head Troubleshooting

FB2114 Depository Specs

Files: Cutaway Spec Sheet

Fire + Burglary Safe Warranty

Fire King Catalog 2020

Storage Cabinet video

Fire King Storage Cabinet Product Video

burn test image

FireKing Burn Test: What happens to a filing cabinet in a fire?

Card Check and Note cabinet video

FireKing Card Check and Note File Cabinet

FireKing Catalog Specifications

Data Safe Product Video

FireKing Data Safes

FireKing Data Safes: Data Safe Capacity Chart

Deposit Safe

FireKing Deposit Safe Product Video

Cabinet Drop Test Video Thumbnail Image

FireKing Drop Test: What happens to a filing cabinet in a fire?

FireKing File and Storage Cabinet Limited Warranty

Still Standing

FireKing File Cabinet Survives CA Wildfires

FireKing Fire Resistant Safes (Not Data Safes) Limited Warranty

FireKing Home Safes Limited Warranty

Lateral File

FireKing Lateral File Product Video

FireKing MediaVault Limited Warranty

Personal Safes

FireKing Personal Safes

Safe in a File

FireKing Safe In A File

FireKing Security Composite Safes

Trim Safe

FireKing Trim Safe Product Video

FireKing Files

FireKing Vertical File Cabinets

Fireproof Storage Cabinet For End Tab Filing

FireShield Product Video

FireShield by FireKing Product Video

FireShield Limited Warranty

Hinge Troubleshooting

How do you calculate how many inches of filing space are in a cabinet?

Let’s use a 4-2131-C for an example. Take the inside depth of the cabinet, 26”, and multiply that by the number of drawers, 4. So, 26 * 4 = 104 

How do you calculate how many papers can be filed in a file cabinet?

Because people tend to file differently (some use many file folders some use only a few) and because people file different types of papers (catalogues vs. single sheets) the best way to calculate how many papers can be filed in a cabinet is to measure one inch worth of the materials you plan to file. Then count however many papers/items are in that inch and multiply that by the interior depth of the drawer. The resulting number is how many papers can be filed in each drawer. 

How it's Made Filing Cabinets

How it's Made: FireKing Filing Cabinets

How long after a fire should I wait to open my FireKing cabinet?

Wait until you can comfortably rest your hand on the cabinet before you open it, to avoid thedanger of spontaneous combustion of its contents. While you can artificially cool down thecabinet with water, it can give a false impression of how cool the interior may be, so be very careful.