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According to end users, the most important documents to store in a fireproof file are?

Our research has identified the top five reasons businesses currently or not currently using fireproof records protection will consider purchasing FireKing products are: 1.) To protect records needed to prove losses to their insurance company.2.) No need to take chances when a fireproof file is an investment that will last the lifetime of the business.3.) Fire can cause major damage in an individual office even if the building doesn’t catch fire. 4.) Lost accounting records can dramatically affect a company’s financial health.5.) Because no building is really fireproof. Protecting records for insurance claims was perceived as more important than protecting accounting records; and, fireproof files were viewed as an investment, not an expense like some other office equipment such as copiers, computers, faxes etc. 

Are all FireKing files impact tested?

FireKing files carry Underwriters' Laboratories 1-hour fire and impact rating. To earn the the UL Impact rating a fully loaded file cabinet is heated to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for one-half hour and then dropped 30 feet onto a bed of rubble. It is then placed back in the oven at 1550 degrees for another 30 minutes. The contents must survive this test to earn the rating.

Are FireKing products waterproof?

UL does not test for water resistance. Prior to being in a fire, no insulated product is tightlysealed. So they will leak if submerged in water. When they are exposed to heat, the insulationin FireKing cabinets expands, tightly sealing all joints and making them extremely water resistant

Are the filing cabinets waterproof?

No. FireKing Classic Commercial Files have passed the ETL water resistant test. All FireKing files are designed to be water resistant against fire hose and sprinkler systems after the insulated product is exposed to heat.  

Are these products really fireproof?

The actual UL classification is for fire resistance. No product on the market has been tested and proven to survive against every possible fire, so UL will only issue ratings based on a product's proven ability to resist fires of specific temperatures and lengths.

Are these products really fireproof?

No product on the market is totally fire proof. The actual UL classification is for fire resistancebased on the product’s tested and proven ability to resist fires of specific temperatures andlengths. These tests are based on the types and duration of fires experienced by the vastmajority of businesses

At what temperatures does Computer media begins to breakdown and become useless?

Computer media such as film is different from paper records. Film will be rendered useless at temperatures above 125 degrees Fahrenheit and above 80% relative humidity. Why is this important? Computer media needs extra protection. That's why we offer special products just for computer media such as our MediaVault and data safes. They maintain an inside temperature of less than 125 and 80 percent relative humidity.

Can I have a different lock than what is in the picture?

You can choose which lock that you would like for each safe on the product guide. 

Can my safe be installed while my site is under construction?

Yes, however, the floor, walls, electric and network must be in place. Additionally the parking lot must be paved and path to where unit will go must be clear.

Do you have a mobile app?

Currently, we do not have a mobile app available.  

Do you have a mobile app?

Currently we do not have a mobile app available. 

Do you have cash management safes?

You can contact our sales team and they would be happy to help you with this.We have several options that are available here. (hyperlink to smart safes)  

Do you have drop safes?

You can contact our sales team and they would be happy to help you with this. We have many options for this.

Do you offer international service?

Yes, we do, for more information call (866) 507-0279.

Does FireKing modify cabinetry or perform carpentry services?

No, technicians perform safe repairs and installations. However, FireKing will consult with you on your custom needs to ensure you get the best results from your new safe.

Does FireKing perform multi-site installations?

Yes, we recommend early planning and coordination with your operations team and our implementation team to ensure all special considerations are coordinated appropriately.

Does the solution offer the ability to create device location specific (or grouped) messaging to display immediate notification/bulletin for end user messaging? If so, please explain the functionality.

Yes, the safe level software includes a scrolling message center that is used for status, event notifications and messaging. This is located at the bottom of the touchscreen and is available at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions (SV2)

How do back office users access the software solution?

Full remote management via a web browser using a secure connection and login credentials. Capabilities include configuration changes, software revision and a robust business intelligence reporting platform (cash and activity level reporting).

How do I find basic safe instructions?

See our website or call our Service department for assistance at (800) 342-3033.

How do you calculate how many inches of filing space are in a cabinet?

Let’s use a 4-2131-C for an example. Take the inside depth of the cabinet, 26”, and multiply that by the number of drawers, 4. So, 26 * 4 = 104 

How do you calculate how many papers can be filed in a file cabinet?

Because people tend to file differently (some use many file folders some use only a few) and because people file different types of papers (catalogues vs. single sheets) the best way to calculate how many papers can be filed in a cabinet is to measure one inch worth of the materials you plan to file. Then count however many papers/items are in that inch and multiply that by the interior depth of the drawer. The resulting number is how many papers can be filed in each drawer. 

How is physical hardware/software maintenance performed (at device)?

Software maintenance is performed remotely via web services. Hardware maintenance can be accomplished through the dispatch of our Field Service Technicians. Reliability is enhanced by our ability to perform predictive maintenance based on metrics kept by the system.

How long after a fire should I wait to open my FireKing cabinet?

Wait until you can comfortably rest your hand on the cabinet before you open it, to avoid thedanger of spontaneous combustion of its contents. While you can artificially cool down thecabinet with water, it can give a false impression of how cool the interior may be, so be very careful.

How long does it take to get an intelligent safe, delivered and installed?

Approximately six weeks typically from the time your order is submitted and depending on stock levels.

How long does it take to have a traditional safe delivered and installed?

Between two and four weeks typically from the time your order is submitted and depending on stock levels.

How many cameras can you hook into this unit?

It ranges from 16-32 cameras for your unit. 

How many cameras can you hook into this unit?

It ranges from 16-32 cameras for your unit. 

How many days of storage does it have?

They are expandable from 2tb to 26tb currently.  

How many days of storage does it have?

They are expandable from 2tb to 26tb currently. 

I have a certain type of space. Would a safe fit into it?

You can contact our sales team, and they would be happy to help you with this. 

Questions to think about:

What are your most important documents? What would happen to your business if these documents were lost in a disaster? What are you doing to protect them? 

What abilities does the solution have to log/store data and for what devices?

All transactions performed at the safe are logged to the cloud. Device firmware level metrics and usage data are extracted from the device and are made available to the reporting and maintenance modules. All information is transferred to the cloud and configurable alerts are generated in near real time.

What are these safes rated?

B C rating or fire proof.These ratings you can find in the product description of each safe. 

What are your hours of operation?

Our call center operates 24x7x365

What data is accessible to display to the customer?

All transaction and configuration based information is available, accessibility will be determined by role and entitlement based on user credentials.

What do Class 350 or Class 125 ratings mean? Fires get much hotter than those temperatures.

The UL class rating signifies the maximum internal temperature allowed during the fire test. Depending on the length of the UL test, the external heat will range from 1550º F. to 2000º F.; yet the internal temperatures cannot exceed 350º F. for paper or 125º F. for computer media.

What good is a product that is only rated for one hour? Fires last longer than that.

Fires rarely burn for more than 10 – 20 minutes in one location. As it passes through the building, the fire's intensity changes as flammable items are consumed.  

What good is a product that is rated Class 350 or Class 125? Fires get much hotter than 350°F or 125°F.

Files are tested to external temperatures of 1,700°F.  Class 125° and 350°F are internal temperatures for computer media tapes and paper documents.  

What good is a product that is rated for only one hour? Fires last longer than that.

The average fire burns at around 800º F. as it passes through a building. The temperature will increase in any area as flammable materials are consumed, a period that averages about 20 minutes in any location. Then the temperature decreases as the fire moves on. The UL test consists of two parts, the 1-hour burn portion during which the product is subjected to the most intense heat, and the cool-down period which can last from 15 to 25 hours and simulates the lower-temperature segment of a typical fire. It is during the latter of the two tests that most product fail. For the duration the entire test, the internal temperature and humidity cannot exceed the standards set forth by UL. A 1-hour rating means that the product passed both the intense heat and the cool-down portion of the test. By the way, Fire King also offers the industry’s only UL 2-hour rated cabinets. These files are used in high-risk areas, such as chemical factories. A note of caution. Be wary of any product that claims it was “tested to UL standards.” It may have been tested, but the statement does not necessarily mean that it passed the test.

What is required for my site to be ready for safe installation?

A designated spot for placement of your new safe, power and Ethernet outlets within 6ft of where unit will be placed. 

What is the process for a sync after an offline condition?

Once connection is re-established all locally stored information is pushed to the cloud, and all configuration data is pulled down. The safe synchronizes at configurable intervals – typically less than 5 minutes. The sync process has 4 steps: check for updates and commands; gather and report health and status metrics; report transactional events that the server(s) have not received yet; check and update configuration.

What is the process for Application software patching and configuration (e.g. User management, device configuration)?

Remote update process – the safe or other cash handling device checks into the server(s) periodically for updates. As currently deployed this happens every 5 minutes or less – the interval is configurable.

What is the process for Firmware patching (e.g. Tracking and updating, acceptance of bill denomination changes)?

Remote update process is currently managed on an as-needed basis but may be automated based on business need.

What is the process for OS patching (e.g. Network setup, patches)?

The operating system is remotely updatable including the ability to apply patches and upgrade packages. Adjustments to network setup can also be configured remotely

What is the retention length of logs stored?

30 days for application logs, 1 year for server logs, 3 months for safe level transaction records, 6 months on the server (database). Data may be archived for longer periods based on customer requirements but is not retained in the production databases beyond these periods.

What kind of finish do you find on FireKing Cabinets?

All FireKing cabinets are finished with an electrostatic powder coating. The powder is applied to all sides including the bottom panel. Powder coating is more durable than paint and scratch-resistant, providing a quality appearance. Eleven standard colors are available on most models.

What level of encryption capabilities are used for data storage, data transmission and user access (internal and remote)?

All data from the safes to the servers is encrypted by Blowfish encryption during its entire route. Triple DES and other ciphers also available. Access to the web services is encrypted via SSL.

What network connectivity details are logged?

Connect, Disconnect, IP, GW, Netmask, MAC, MTU.

What options are available for safe service?

We offer multiple options for safe service, from phone service up to time and material services. For full details of our suite of services call our Account Services Team at (866) 507-0279.