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1/2 - Hour Fire Safe

1/2 Hour Fire Safes are an economical yet effective solution for protecting your documents and assets. Carrying a 30-minute fire rating and water resistance, they provide peace of mind and protection from multiple hazards.

1 Hour Fire Safes

FireKing Security Group's 1 Hour Fire Safes provide full peace of mind with an economical yet uncompromising design, offering full protection of documents and other vital assets from fires and water damage.

1 Hour Fire Business Class Safes

FireKing's Business Class safes are designed for home office and commercial use. Featuring the MagPROOF Design, these safes cannot be opened by a magnet and they provide essential protection from fire and are water resistant.

1 Hour Fire + Burglary Safes

Get the toughest security and most resilient asset protection with FireKing's 1 Hour Fire + Burglary Safes. Using today's most advanced technology, FireKing can offer these dual-labeled safes at an incredibly affordable price.

2 Hour Fire + Burglary Safes

Most burglars are looking for a fast take. That's why these fire and burglary safes are designed to make it harder for thieves to access your possessions quickly, all while protecting from fires with an extra layer of protection.

Home Safes

If you’re looking for the best personal safe, FireKing's personal and home safes are designed to be compact, convenient, and just as capable of asset protection as much larger (and more expensive) safes.

Residential Safes

Security and Peace of Mind in Your Home

Within the walls of your own residence, you keep valuable or precious items that you’d like to prevent from getting into the wrong hands. Whether you need a jewelry safe, a gun safe or another of our small home safes to protect your valuables, there’s no doubt that a FireKing safe made for home protection can help. When you want the sort of security solution that you can count on to safeguard on-hand cash, legal documents, heirlooms, handguns or prescription medicines, come to us.