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1 Hour DS Series Safe

Optimal protection for your critical assets! Featuring an array of configuration options, business owners can now keep a variety of different storage media types free of harm in their high-quality FireKing 1-hour Data Safe.

2 Hour DS Series Safe

Featuring a diverse array of interior configuration options, business owners can now keep a variety of different storage media types completely free from harm with FireKing collection of 2-hour Data Safes.

3 Hour DM Series Safe

Our highest rated safes are perfect for businesses with large-capacity electronic storage needs. Each features the UL Class 125 3-Hour fire and impact rating, as well as plus the UL Residental Security Container burglary rating.

Media Vault Safe

Get optimal protection for your magnetic computer in a convenient, compact container. The MediaVault from FireKing Security Group is a portable, affordable, stand-alone storage safe, complete with a key lock for added security.

Mixed Media Safe

FireKing Security Group's innovative Mixed Media Safe provides a versatile media fire safe for protecting your paper documents and valuable assets, as well as fill protection for your sensitive magnetic computer media.

Data Safes

Protect your business with UL® rated fireproof data safes from FireKing.

Computer Media is so easily damaged, manufacturers recommend computer media not be exposed to temperatures over 125°F or humidity over 85%. Even a hot mug of coffee represents a real hazard, so imagine what a small fire would do. FireKing Data Safes protect computer media from fire, dust, magnetic fields, unauthorized access, accidental damage and electrostatics. Your data is protected in nearly any possible scenario and our safes meet the all performance demands, providing you and your business with incredible peace of mind. We offer a variety of UL® rated models for every office or business need, from our Mixed Media DP Series, MediaVault and the 1-Hour, 2-Hour and 3-Hour Series data containers. Clever, functional design and the utmost protection – that is FireKing.