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Summit Series - SM1

The Summit Series SM1 bill validating safes provide a cloud-based solution with the latest technologies to your daily cash processing. Plus, the compact size allows the SM1 to be placed in locations where space is at a minimum.

Summit - Standard (SV2)

The Summit Series of bill validating safes bring the latest tech to your daily cash processing and allow you to leverage the Summit Web Services, making your daily cash handling information available to your whole organization.

Summit - High Security (SV2-UL291)

FireKing's Summit Series of bill validating safes give you an immediate view of cash activities across single or multiple locations, meaning your ability to maximize cash flow and reduce shrinkage is greatly enhanced.

Summit - With External Thermal Printer (SVM)

FireKing's Summit-External Thermal Printer allows individual retail locations to continuously exchange information with central offices, providing advanced Business Intelligence capabilities and improving cash management.

Summit - Upright With Touchpad (UNA-ST)

The Summit-Upright With Touchpad is a reliable network solution providing the latest tech to your daily cash processing operations, as well as a popular upright design and intuitive touch-pad interface.

Ascent Series - AM1

The compact and powerful cash management solution

Ascent - Dual Bill Validating With Touchpad (UNA-AT)

These bill validating safes are built on a truly innovative software platform. Take your operations to the next level with an icon-driven touchpad interface providing fill device-level control of deposit transactions and more.

Ascent - Dual Bill Validating Without Touchpad (UNA)

These dual bill validating safes come with an intuitive, icon-driven touchpad interface providing full device-level control of deposit transactions and reporting. Cash management has never been easier.

NKL - Dual Doors

FireKing's NKL-Dual Door CMX Safes provide accurate, high-volume note processing. The dual doors allow separate access rights to primary and secondary funds, plus the ability to view detailed transaction data to support audits.

Bill Validating Safes

Strategy, technology, security

The number one choice for cash accepting environments like specialty retail, convenience stores, and quick-serve restaurants are bill-validating safes. Available as either standalone or networkable units, you can optimize your cash-management practices while simultaneously leveraging your cash-management intelligence across your business through built-in reporting, auditing, and information gathering systems. Our bill-validating safes’ proven security and innovative technology deters both external theft as well as internal threats of cash-shrinkage. You can rely on us to assist you in determining the solution which is right for your locations; we will install, test, and train your employees on the cash-management solution that is perfect for your needs.