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Bill Validating Safes

Our Bill Validating Safes offer superior cash-management and security for your retail or commercial operation.

Coin and Note Dispensing Safes

Coin and Note Dispensing Safes enable retailers to keep daily operations running smoothly

Asset Protection

Designed for secure cash storage and access control. An excellent device for retail businesses who handle cash and need easy access to a highly secure environment.

Cash Management Safes

Transition from a reactive to proactive posture in your cash-management activities with Cash Management Safes

With our smart safes, your major security concerns can be alleviated and managed better than ever before. Because FireKing carries bill validating safes, rolled coin vending safes, and asset protection products, we are your one-stop resource for transitioning from a reactive to a proactive posture in protecting your assets. Rather than waiting for an incident to occur and then facing the consequences, you are able to stay one step ahead of robberies or inefficiencies — all thanks to our cash solutions that safeguard your money.