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1/2 - Hour Fire Safe

1/2 Hour Fire Safes are an economical yet effective solution for protecting your documents and assets. Carrying a 30-minute fire rating and water resistance, they provide peace of mind and protection from multiple hazards.

1 Hour Fire Safes

FireKing Security Group's 1 Hour Fire Safes provide full peace of mind with an economical yet uncompromising design, offering full protection of documents and other vital assets from fires and water damage.

1 Hour Fire Business Class Safes

FireKing's Business Class safes are designed for home office and commercial use. Featuring the MagPROOF Design, these safes cannot be opened by a magnet and they provide essential protection from fire and are water resistant.

Fire Resistant Safes

Disaster can strike your home or business at any time, be ready with the real deal. Featuring MagPROOF™ design, FireKing's line of 1-hour and 2-hour fire resistant safes provide essential and powerful protection from fire and water.  For safeguarding your valuables, there's not a better choice. Safes are available in various sizes with various ratings. FireKing is happy to assist you in selecting the protection you need.