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Bill Validating Safes

Our Bill Validating Safes offer superior cash-management and security for your retail or commercial operation.

Cannabis Security Solutions

Cash Management Safes

Transition from a reactive to proactive posture in your cash-management activities with Cash Management Safes.

Fire Resistant Safes

FireKing's line of  1/2 hour, 1-hour and 2-hour fire resistant safes provide essential and powerful protection from fire.

Fireproof File Cabinets

As the leading records protection provider, our comprehensive line of fireproof file cabinets fits your specified requirements and budget. 


We offer a full range of products, from small traditional safes to complete cash management solutions, all supported by our expert customer service. 

Burglary Safes

For those situations or assets that require an extra level of security.

Coin and Note Dispensing Safes

Coin and Note Dispensing Safes enable retailers to keep daily operations running smoothly

Commercial Safes

Our Commercial Safes provide the ability to effectively secure and manage cash in your restaurants and retail establishments, deterring robbery, burglary, and internal theft.

Fireproof Cabinets

Trusted by businesses around the world, fireproof file and storage cabinets are ideal to protect vital assets and sensitive documents.

Fireproof Storage Cabinets

Because oversized documents, binders, end-tab filing, Banker’s Box®, and other valuable items need fire protection too, there’s the Fireproof FireKing Storage Cabinet.

Asset Protection

Designed for secure cash storage and access control. An excellent device for retail businesses who handle cash and need easy access to a highly secure environment.

Fire + Burglary Safes

Our Composite Fire and Security Safes offer the same safeguard from theft, shrinkage and inefficient cash-handling practices, but are also specially constructed to withstand high-heat situations.

Residential Safes

Residential safes provide business-grade security for the important and vital assets in your home.

Video Intelligence

With FireKing's video intelligence solutions, you can streamline your surveillance practices.

Burglary & Fire Safes

FireKing Fire-Resistant Safes and Burglary rated safes come in various ratings and sizes meeting any need. 

Fireproof & Waterproof Chests

Protect your important documents and digital files from the very real risk of water, fire and smoke damage.

Data Safes

Protect your data from fires, dust, magnetic fields, unauthorized access, electrostatic discharge and office accidents.

Medical Storage

With secure and improved medicine dispensing, providing medication is safe and simple!

Cash & Key Storage

Cash and key management products offer commercial grade security solutions and equipment to protect and organize small items. 

Personal Alarms

With their compact size they can easily be carried in your purse, briefcase or luggage, offering protection wherever you are. 


Rest assured that your cigars are not only perfectly humidified but are protected from Fire and Water with an airtight seal.


Gain peace of mind in the knowledge that your assets are secure in one of our safes.


Gain peace of mind knowing your assets are highly secure in one of our safes. 

Cash management, cash security and the protection of your vital documents, records or other assets, are all integral parts of achieving success in your business. It makes sense, then, to take precautions against some of the issues facing operators of cash-intensive retail business or commercial environments, including cash shrinkage, burglary, and inefficient cash handling practices. To help you become proactive with an effective security strategy, we offer a full range of products, from small traditional safes to complete cash management solutions, all supported by our expert customer service.