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Cash Drawers

FireKing's Cash Drawers are made of heavy-gauge steel with theft-resistant locking mechanisms, as well as brand new scratch-resistant powder coating. In addition, each Cash Drawer includes a cable receipt for a printer.

Cash Boxes

With FireKing's Cash Boxes, you can keep your cash safe wherever you are. So, whether you're operating a retail booth, moving cash from till to safe, or have other mobility needs, Cash Boxes offer full peace of mind and security.

Key Cabinets

Security for your keys is security for your entire business! Hercules by FIreKing and other FireKing Key Cabinets provide the same tough security as FireKing's safes and file cabinets, all while offering a bit more mobility.

Cash & Key Storage

Security solutions for cash and key management 

FireKing offers commercial-grade equipment that can protect and organize small items.  The Hercules by FireKing Cash and Key management line includes steel cash drawers and cash boxes, emergency boxes, key safes and more, all designed to keep your cash and valuables safe without sacrificing convenience.  No matter what your line of work, Hercules by FireKing has a solution to protect your business and your peace of mind.