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Home office/small office

The top-of-the-line protection trusted by global organizations, now available for your home office.  

When You’re Prepared, You’re Secure

Fire is unpredictable, but its outcome doesn’t have to be. Trust FireKing to deliver powerful protection from fire and theft in convenient, small-footprint designs that fit easily into your home office, basement storage area or garage. Whether you operate a business from your home and need to protect your files, or you’re looking to safeguard vital family records and mementos, you’ll sleep better with a FireKing storage solution under your roof.

Why FireKing for Your Home Office?

Protects from More Than Fire

Our heavy-duty products shield your belongings from both fire and theft. With one wise choice, you’re in control.

Service You Can Count On

With full-service delivery and installation on many models, we’ll make your investment as seamless as it is smart.

A Legacy of Protection

Everything we sell is backed by 70 years of dedication to just one thing: preventing loss.

Cabinet sitting in an office

Satisfied Customers


“It was the worst fire in our city's history but all the papers in our FireKing file survived.”

Kendall H. Hayhurst CPA


“Added protection for your company's vital records will always be a wise business expense.”

Cynthia Balmer Senior Executive Assistant


“Your product performed its task and exceeded your published information on performance criteria.”

David L Prestridge American Hose & Hydraulics

All Home Office/Small Office Products

Top-Rated for Home Office 

Small Footprints

Perfect solutions for tight spaces.


FireKing is an investment for a lifetime.

Protect It All

Ideal for home-based businesses or personal use.

Which Product is Right for You?

Find the ideal solution for your specific business or personal secure storage needs.

Helpful Information

What qualifies a storage device as fire-rated?

Fire-rated means the product has been verified through testing to withstand disaster conditions such as fire, a high-impact fall, or the effects of water from sprinkler systems. We offer products built to our own manufacturer standards, as well as those that meet third-party standards regulated by Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) and Intertek. Learnn more about the testing procedures behind specific ratings.

Why do I need special fire-rated storage?

Contrary to popular misconceptions, ordinary file cabinets do not provide any protection in the event of a serious fire. In fact, their conductive material actively draws the heat of the blaze into the cabinet, where it will cause the contents to ignite.

Are fire-rated cabinets also secure from theft?

Many of our products are theft-resistant, and many carry UL-certified security locks. Please refer to individual product page listings for details on specific ratings and certifications per product.

How do I know which storage solution is right for me?

The best choice depends on what you need to store, your budget, your available space, and your priorities. Our easy survey is a helpful way to quickly identify the products that are the best fit for your specific situation.

I have additional questions, what should I do?

Please visit our FAQ for answers to common questions, and don’t hesitate to contact us via chat or email for personal assistance.