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Lateral Drawer Removal & Installation

Note 1: For safe handling proper equipment must be used.
Note 2: When handling drawers use two or more persons for safety.
Note 3: Make sure the back fingers on the suspensions are over the channel track lips.


  1. Extend drawer completely out.
  2. Remove two #8 stabilizer screws from inside the drawer body as shown below.
  3. Each drawer has a drawer number decal on the right side and must be replaced in the same cavity it was removed from. The top drawer is #1. See the sketch below.
  4. Place your index finger and thumb on the catch and release by pulling up on the drawer catch. See the sketch below
  5. Repeat the process for the other side at the same time.
  6. Holding the drawer head with both hands, pull the drawer out of the cavity. Use caution—the drawer is very heavy.
  7. Push in the suspensions and stabilizer.


Vertical Drawer Removal with Accuride or Thomas Regout Suspensions Fully extend the drawer and place one hand under the center of the drawer and, working with one side at a time, lift the drawer body to release the front tabs of the slides from the notches of the drawer. Hold the slide and push the drawer back and pull the slide out to release the tabs on the back of the slides from the notches in the rear of the drawer body. Support the front of the drawer to prevent tipping.

Vertical Drawer Installation with Accuride or Thomas Regout Suspensions Fully extend the slides on both sides. Position the drawer body between the slides and align the rear drawer body notches with the tabs of the slides and, working with one side at a time, put the tab into the notch and pull the drawer forward to lock the tab into place. Align the front tab with the notch and push the tab through the drawer body. Repeat for the other side.

Drawer Slide (Accuride or Thomas Regout) Removal Fully extend the drawer slides and locate the four phillips head screws. The two front screws are located through the access holes in the slides and the other two are located in the rear of the slide.

Drawer Slide (Accuride or Thomas Regout) Installation Fully extend slide and place into cabinet. To determine the correct side, the front tab must point up. Align the front hole of the slide with the front hole located on the side of the cabinet and install a screw. Raise the back of the slide and align the slide holes with the hole located at the rear of the slide and install two screws. Locate the remaining front screw hole and install screw.

Drawer Removal with Cradle Suspension Fully extend the drawer. Grasp the drawerhead firmly on each side and lift up to allow the notched stops in the bottom of the drawer body to clear the crossmember of the suspension and pull forward. Remember to keep drawers in order for reinstallation.

Drawer Installation with Cradle Suspension Grasp the drawer firmly on each side of the drawerhead and position the rear of the drawer body siderails on the top of the front suspension bearings. Make sure the drawer is level and push the drawer in. It may be necessary to wiggle the drawer to get the siderails started between the two center stationary bearings of the suspension.

Cradle Suspension Removal Follow the above procedures for drawer removal. Fully extend the suspension so that the stops located on each side toward the rear of the suspension can easily be reached. Reach in and turn the stops down and pull the suspension forward.

Cradle Suspension Installation

  1. Hold on both sides and start the suspension into the side channels and push in until the stops pass the notches in each side channel.
  2. If the suspension was replaced with a new or different suspension it will need to be adjusted to fit properly into the opening.
  3. To install a new suspension make sure the stops move freely and place the suspension into the cabinet. The suspension should roll smoothly and have little or no play against the side channels when the suspension is pulled out about six inches.
  4. If the suspension is too tight in the side channels, tap in on both sides of the suspension until it moves in and out easily. If it is too loose, then tap out on both sides until the play is taken out and the suspension rolls easily.
  5. After the new suspension has been installed in the cabinet, reinstall the drawers. Make sure to put the drawers back in the correct order (#1 at the top).
  6. If the drawer does not roll smoothly or is out of alignment it may be necessary to adjust the dimple located on each side of the suspension about 3 inches from the front of the suspension. To adjust the dimple raise the drawer so that the drawer rail is above the dimple and tap with a hammer. If the drawer becomes too tight or still needs to be moved to one side or the other, then remove the drawer and push the suspension all the way in the cabinet. Locate the dimple for the side of the drawer that needs to move and tap on dimple with a hammer.