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FireKing Testimonials

Inside this booklet, you’ll find true stories of companies who faced serious business loss from fires, crashes, and other potential disasters. Fortunately, all survived. Thanks to Fire King. If you’re looking for the peace of mind and security that comes from knowing your valuable records are protected, choose FireKing. It’s your first step in disaster control.

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Rental Car Agencies: Learn How to Protect Your Vital Documents

Rental car agencies need to keep extensive records of their countless business transactions. Learn why Reliable Rent-A-Car only trusts FireKing Fireproof File cabinets to maintain these incredibly important rental documents.

Fireproof Protection for Research Institutions

Conducting research is fundamental when it comes to creating solutions for the world’s problems. However, if the results are lost or destroyed, the efforts were futile. As such, institutions must always fully protect themselves.

Commercial Banks: The Importance of Disaster Preparation

The disaster risk for commercial banks is higher today than it has ever been. That’s why there is an increased need for immediate disaster recovery and long-term backup systems. Learn how fireproof file cabinets and media vaults from FireKing can help keep your most important financial documents 100% safe in case of an emergency.