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FireKing Testimonials

Inside this booklet, you’ll find true stories of companies who faced serious business loss from fires, crashes, and other potential disasters. Fortunately, all survived. Thanks to Fire King. If you’re looking for the peace of mind and security that comes from knowing your valuable records are protected, choose FireKing. It’s your first step in disaster control.

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Municipalities: Protecting Vital Government Documents & Records

Proper protection is required to ensure that the past is preserved. One especially important type of document that needs 100% protection is a governmental document. Even so, all federal, state and local governments all have their own specific rules and regulations when it comes to vital records protection, which has led to complications for some municipalities in the past.

Museums & Historical Societies: Preserving the Past

Preserving items from the past to show future generations is a great way to provide an invaluable history lesson. Using the most effective and well-equipped alarm systems, fire suppression equipment, dampeners, and fireproof containers to protect these exhibits (and vital administrative documents) can save a museum from losing these irreplaceable items.

Customer Segment Story: Native American Nations

Although the Native American (Indian) Nations may have had to give up most of their land over the years, they retained their right of self-government. And like any modern bureaucracy, records management and protection is a core function of their tribes.

Vital Records Protection: The Pharmaceutical Industry

Businesses with an eye on the future are always looking for new paths to growth as well as ways to reduce risk. Losing a major client to a competitor, overpriced or underpriced products, going into a venture underfunded, and not carefully studying the marketplace are all common reasons for a business to fail. But another common cause for failure — one that is too often overlooked — is total destruction by, or loss from, fire, flood, theft or another disaster.

Keeping Public School Documents Safe from Fire Damage

The number of official documents that a school system must maintain is staggering, and the need for school systems to better manage vital records will only increase over the next few years. Fireproof cabinets, vaults, and safes from FireKing keep these documents 100% safe in the case of an emergency.

Keeping Your Real Estate Records Safe & Secure

The real estate industry has an obligation to protect their clients to the best of their abilities. Learn why Rex Blake of Rex Blake Real Estate is so satisfied with his FireKing fire protection systems for mitigating these risks.