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FireKing Testimonials

Inside this booklet, you’ll find true stories of companies who faced serious business loss from fires, crashes, and other potential disasters. Fortunately, all survived. Thanks to Fire King. If you’re looking for the peace of mind and security that comes from knowing your valuable records are protected, choose FireKing. It’s your first step in disaster control.

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Insurance Agencies: Securing Documents & Protecting Clients

Over the years, there have been several techniques developed for securing important documents. Still, it's incredibly important to go above and beyond to ensure that sensitive client information is kept safe. Learn how FireKing file cabinets and safes can give the insurance industry a little extra insurance when it comes to this important task.

Insurance Companies: Assurance for the Insurers

No matter how well thought out a business plan is, just one disaster can erase all profits and lead to failure. Perhaps more than any other type of enterprise, insurance companies are extremely susceptible to these pitfalls. Learn how you can do everything possible to protect yourself and your most assets from irreversible loss or damage.

Institutions of Higher Learning: Protecting Our Future

Colleges and universities face the same risks as other industries, from fires to floods to theft. Preparing for these types of disasters can mean the difference between a smooth redevelopment and a long road of backpedaling.

Protecting Your Vital Records: Law Office Edition

A fire’s wrath is evidenced by property damage, environmental destruction, and the loss of irreplaceable documents, photos or heirlooms. And while it's not possible to guarantee that none of this will ever happen to your home or business, it is possible to protect and preserve vital documents.

Libraries: Protecting Knowledge for the Future

Disaster could strike at any time, destroying documents and archives in your library facility, and it is often the responsibility of the local librarian to maintain a community’s heritage and records to their maximum ability.

Lumber Yards: Addressing a Constant Threat of Fire

In the event of a lumberyard fire, the blaze develops rapidly. Even if the inventory and property are properly insured, the prospects for a full business recovery are dubious. That's why proactive steps are vital for protection.