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Water Damage: What Happens to a FireKing File If It Is in a Flood?

FireKing files are water resistant. Water from sprinklers and hoses will not affect the file or its contents. Some minimal moisture may penetrate the outside of the cabinet but not enough to cause any damage to the file cabinet or its contents.

Standing water, however, is a different matter. File cabinets that experience a flood situation will fill with water. The contents can be dried out and saved. Due to the nature of the fireproof insulation, the file cabinet itself will be permanently damaged and will need to be replaced.

In a flood, the gypsum insulation found in FireKing fireproof file cabinet will absorb and retain the water. This causes the gypsum to expand and create mildew. The expansion makes it difficult to open and close the drawers. The mildew can damage the contents. We recommend replacing the file immediately and making a claim for the cost of the file with your insurance provider.

Flood Image