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FireKing Testimonials

Inside this booklet, you’ll find true stories of companies who faced serious business loss from fires, crashes, and other potential disasters. Fortunately, all survived. Thanks to Fire King. If you’re looking for the peace of mind and security that comes from knowing your valuable records are protected, choose FireKing. It’s your first step in disaster control.

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Water Damage: What Happens to a FireKing File in Standing Water?

FireKing files are water resistant. Designed to help prevent water damage to contents from sprinklers and hoses.

Standing water, however, is a different matter. File cabinets that experience a flood or other situation will fill with water. The contents can be dried out and saved. Due to the nature of the fireproof insulation, the file cabinet itself will be permanently damaged and will need to be replaced.

Key Issues for Accounting Firms

For an accounting firm, failure to prepare for a catastrophic event can have lasting repercussions that reverberate far beyond the original event. As such, vital records protection is absolutely crucial not only to the firm but also to the client base as a whole.

Dentist Offices: Record Keeping Solutions

The need for dental practices to better manage their vital records has increased dramatically over the past few years. Learn how you can start getting behind this issue now to figure out the best set of solutions for your own practice.

Doctor's Offices: Protecting Irreplaceable Medical Records

Keeping important medical records anywhere other than a fireproof cabinet or safe is a risk that any medical office should not take. Until legislation is passed to require fireproof storage in every state, it is up to each office to make the decision of fireproofing their record storage. However, taking this proactive step can prove to be a major time, effort, and money-saver in the end.

Funeral Homes: Protecting Records & Documents

The family funeral home often acts as a repository for the last surviving documents related to loved ones. In a business context, other irreplaceable types of documentation deal with prearranged services, certificates, genealogical histories, and so on. As such, funeral homes need a solution that is both secure and readily available.

Key Issues for the Gaming Industry

Vital records such as gaming licenses, HR information, back up computer disks, and other administrative information are just some of the things that casino operations should be protecting. Learn why purchasing fireproof containers is much easier (and certainly less expensive) than replacing what has been lost in a disaster.