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About Us

FireKing has achieved a position of market leadership in the asset protection industry and the brands under the FireKing name have since become synonymous with cash management and Vital Records Protection.

Through a number of strategic acquisitions, mergers and organic growth, FireKing has evolved into an innovative leader in asset protection. Following is a chronology of the key events that have occurred over the years.


  • 1951 L.G. Carlisle founds Murphy Manufacturing with two partners.
  • 1975 Carlisle's grandson, Van, becomes President and CEO, and the company is renamed Fire King International after its flagship brand name: FireKing. $1M in sales.
  • 1980 FireKing makes the strategic decision to stop making "D" rated (fire only) files and to make only the fire and impact "C" rated files. This revolutionary move positions FireKing as the quality leader and is the beginning of the company's explosive growth. $7M in sales.
  • 1985 Introduction of the FireKing 25 file. $15M in sales.
  • 1989 Introduction of the FireKing Turtle file.
  • 1990 Fire King International acquires the assets of Meilink Industries, a file and safe manufacturer in Toledo Ohio. Charles Meilink, founder of the company, is credited with inventing the modern fireproof safe in 1899. $20M in sales.
  • 1991 Fire King International, in partnership with NKL Industries, introduces "Sherlock," the industry's first multi-door intelligent safe control auditing lock package. Meilink Safe moves manufacturing to New Albany, Indiana.
  • 1994 Fire King International begins manufacture of Winchester gun safes under license from Winchester Ammunition Company.
  • 1995 $35M in sales.
  • 1998 After two years in development, the Image Vault Digital Video Recorder is introduced, effectively moving FireKing into video surveillance.
  • 1999 FireKing acquires NKL Industries and its subsidiaries Gary Safe Company and CDH doors (Chesapeake Door Hardware, renamed and sold as Entera Security Hardware). This solidifies Fire King's position as a full-line manufacturer of of high-technology security products and systems.
  • 2000 FireKing sells the Winchester gun safe product line to Granite Safe. This move allows consolidation of manufacturing at the New Albany location. It also allows the company to focus on business-to-business expansion.
  • 2001 NKL introduces the AuditLok XLV technology. This technology allows complete auditing for financial and security control across multiple cash handling safe hardware devices. FireKing supplies fireproof files to over 85 countries worldwide. Entera security doors business sold to Locknet, allowing Fire King to better focus on loss prevention. $75M in sales.
  • 2003 Fire King International becomes FKI Security Group. Image Vault sales continue to climb as research names it one of America's top five DVRs. NKL unveils a biometric (fingerprint reader) option for its safes (the worlds first manufacturer to do so). NKL introduces its Edge and Edge Plus advanced software to access report data and remotely configure intelligent safe hardware. Image Vault releases Version 7, upping the standard for digital video security.
  • 2004 In December 2004 FireKing acquires McGunn Safe Company. This broadens the base of safe companies and security product offerings. McGunn bring several innovations to the table including various cash handling products in the SmartLock family.
  • 2005 In early 2005 FireKing adds EXL Safe Corporation to its growing list of members. EXL manufactures a variety of safe styles, but is best known for its TL-Rated (UL Listed) custom plate safes. Shortly after this FireKing acquired Adesco Safe Company and its service subsidiary, Star Safe. Star Safe became part of FireKing Commercial Services. December 2005 FKI Security Group becomes FireKing Security Group.
  • 2006 FireKing Commercial Services expands to more than 25 cities nationwide. Sales reach $100M.
  • 2007 Image Vault releases PRO-Command digital video recorders with enhanced management support, vastly higher speeds and more flexibility.
  • 2008 FireKing introduces MediaVault HD - a fireproof container with built-in hard drives for USB data backup.
  • 2011 Corporate Safe Specialists, a Posen, IL-based provider of cash management products and services, including traditional safes, intelligent safes, and services, merges with FireKIng Security Group to create the nation’s premier cash security firm