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We Are FireKing

For over six decades, FireKing has been providing high-quality products designed to protect your company's vital assets. We began making the FireKing brand fireproof files in 1948, and since then, through a series of strategic acquisitions, constant reinvestment in the business, and product diversification, FireKing Security Group has evolved from a manufacturer of fireproof Vital Records Protection (VRP) equipment into a broad-based security and asset protection company with multitude of product and service offerings. 

Every product we make - for Vital Records Protection, secure cash-handling, or digital video surveillance is manufactured or created using the most innovative, advanced product development technology available. 

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  • Invention of Modern FireProof Safe

    Charles Meilink, founder of Meilink Industries, invents the modern fireproof safe. Meilink Industries was eventually acquired by FireKing. 


  • Founded in Excellence

    L.G. Carlisle establishes Murphy Manufacturing with two partners.


  • "FireKing" Emerges

    Carlisle's grandson, Van, becomes President & CEO, renaming the company Fire King International after its flagship brand: FireKing. $1M in sales.


  • Explosive Growth

    FireKing discontinues D-rated (fire only) files, makes fire AND impact C-rated files exclusively, positioning the company as the quality leader. $7M in sales.


  • Continued Innovation

    The company introduces the FireKing 25 file cabinet product. $15M in sales.


  • Turtles Enter the Race

    FireKing introduces the Turtle File Cabinet product. 


  • Acquiring Strength in Partners

    Fire King International acquires Meilink Industries, an Ohio-based file and safe manufacturer known for inventing the modern fireproof safe in 1899. $20M in sales. 


  • Industry Evolution

    Partnering with NKL, Fire King Int. introduces "Sherlock," the industry's first multi-door intelligent safe control auditing lock package. Meilink Safe moves to New Albany, IN. 


  • Diversifying Products with a Bang

    Fire King International begins manufacture of Winchester gun safes under license from Winchester Ammunition Company.


  • Growth Milestones

    The company reaches $35M in sales.


  • Modern Digital Protection

    After two years in development, the Image Vault Digital Video Recorder is introduced, effectively moving FireKing into video surveillance.


  • Becoming a Full-Line Manufacturer

    FireKing acquires NKL Industries, Gary Safe and CDH doors, solidifying the company's position as a full-line manufacturer of high-technology security products and systems.


  • Manufacturing Consolidation

    FireKing sells the Winchester gun safe product line to Granite Safe. Manufacturing consolidation at the New Albany location helps refine a focus on business-to-business expansion.


  • Technological & Global Expansion

    NKL’s AuditLok XLV enables comprehensive auditing across multiple cash-handling safe-hardware devices. Meanwhile, FireKing supplies fireproof files to over 85 countries.


  • Rapid Advancement All Around

    Fire King International becomes FKI Security Group, Image Vault sales rocket, NKL unveils the world's first biometric safe option and Image Vault releases its seventh version.


  • New Mergers & New Products

    FireKing acquires McGunn Safe Company. This merger brings many dynamic new cash handling products to the public, such as those featured in the innovative SmartLock family.


  • Becoming FireKing Security Group

    FireKing joins forces with EXL Safe Corporation, the Adesco Safe Company and Adesco's subsidiary, Star Safe. In December, FKI Security Group becomes FireKing Security Group.


  • Smarter Surveillance

    Image Vault releases PRO-Command digital video recorders with enhanced management support, vastly superior speeds and more flexibility than ever.


  • MediaVault HD Launches

    FireKing takes asset protection into the future by introducing MediaVault HD, a technologically-advanced fireproof container with built-in hard drives for USB data backup.


  • Two Industry Leaders Become One

    Corporate Safe Specialists, a top provider of cash management products and services, merges with FireKIng Security Group to create the nation’s premier cash security firm.


  • Summit Series Launch

    Providing unparalleled reliability and convenience, FireKing’s Summit Series safes became the most innovative cloud-based cash management systems on the market.


  • Ascent Series Launch

    FireKing’s Ascent Series of note validating, coin dispensing and note dispensing safes provide retailers with the technology needed to elevate all cash handling activities.


  • New Building, Same Commitments

    FireKing opened their new distribution center in New Albany, Indiana, once again proving their commitment to creating jobs and products right here in the USA.


  • Cash Recycler Launch

    FireKing launches its first ever cash recycler, continuing to prove their dedication to improving customer's cash management practices.


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Built in the USA

As one of the leading manufacturers, FireKing offers best-in-class security products for asset protection in retail, commercial, and home office environments. Our breadth of top-quality, built-in-the-USA products include fireproof files and storage cabinets, safes, and cash management systems, and digital video security systems. Our industry-leading solutions, along with world-class customer service and product support, enable business continuity and operational efficiencies for organizations large and small.