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  • FireKing 2-Hour Fire-Rated Vertical File Cabinet - 2, 3, or 4 Drawers - 11 Colors

    FireKing 2-Hour Fire-Rated Vertical File Cabinet - 2, 3, or 4 Drawers - 11 Colors

    FireKing 2-Hour Fire-Rated Vertical File Cabinet: Ultimate Protection for Your Important Documents and Possessions Discover the pinnacle of document security with the FireKing 2-Hour Fire-Rated Vertical File Cabinet. Designed to stand against the most rigorous of disasters, this cabinet offers a haven of safety for your critical and confidential documents. Advanced Fire Resistant Insulation Equipped with Thermocell II insulation and a sturdy lattice made from 14-gauge galvanized welded steel wire, this cabinet is not just a storage solution—it's a promise of complete protection from fire, impact, or explosion. Robust and Ready for Anything Field Replaceable Steel Panels: Durable and designed for real-life use, any damaged panel can be replaced, ensuring your cabinet remains as resilient as the day you got it. Eco-Friendly, Scratch-Resistant Finish: Finished with an eco-friendly electrostatic powder coating, it's not just tough—it's also designed to look good for life. Select from a range of colors including arctic white and platinum to complement your workspace. Maintenance-Free Use: High-sided drawer bodies eliminate the need for additional frames, featuring 1 follower block and one hanging folder frame per drawer for organizational ease. High-Security Locks: With UL®-listed Medeco high-security key locks, your contents are safeguarded against unauthorized access. Innovative Insulation and Water Resistance Insulation Between Drawers: Each drawer acts as a separate insulated container, meaning that even if one drawer is compromised, the others remain protected. Water Resistance: Designed to prevent water damage from sprinklers and fire hoses, ensuring your documents survive even when the unexpected happens. Certified and Secure UL® Fire & Impact Rating: Backed by a 2-Hour Class 350 Fire with Impact UL label, and ETL 30-minute fire verification for digital media, your valuables are safe from extreme conditions. 2-Position Drawer Catch: Keep certain drawers accessible while others remain locked, allowing for flexible security management. Customer-Centric Guarantees Limited Lifetime Warranty: FireKing's confidence in their products is evident in their generous limited lifetime warranty and commitment to cover associated labor costs for two years post-purchase. After-Fire Replacement: In the event of fire damage, rest assured knowing FireKing will replace your file cabinet free of charge. Proudly made in the USA, the FireKing 2-Hour Fire-Rated Vertical File Cabinet is the reliable guardian for your sensitive information. Choose FireKing and rest easy knowing that your important documents and digital media are secure in the face of adversity.

    $3,803.00 - $5,845.40


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