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Have you ever thought about what would happen if your home or business were in a flood or fire? How would you rebuild your life without your bank account numbers, birth and marriage certificates, titles, and other critical documents? This is where fire and waterproof chests come into play, offering a safe, secure place to stash your most valuable items away from the risk of such disasters. 

SureSeal by FireKing offers waterproof and fireproof chests to keep everything from your birth certificate and passport to your jewellery safe. The UL Class 350 fire rating indicates that the safe's fireproof seal has been tested at a 1,700-degree temperature, and the internal temperature of the case did not exceed 350 degrees for the rated amount of time. This high rating ensures you have enough time to grab your important items as you run from a burning building, or provides a length of time of protection while the firefighters battle the blaze. 


Fire & Waterproof Chest

For fire and waterproof defense of paper documents and digital media, a Fire & Waterproof Safe will safeguard irreplaceable items such as passports, warranties, or vital business records; as well as any sensitive digital media.