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Media Vault

Compact, affordable and stylish, FireKing Security Group's high-performing Media Vault Safes are meticulously designed to protect your heat-sensitive valuables from the constant threat of dust and fire. All products undergo exhaustive testing procedures to ensure they pass rigorous fire and explosion hazard tests set forth by Underwriters Laboratories. These tests expose the Media Vault Safes to temperatures as high as 1,850 degrees for up to one hour at a time. This results in the internal temperature never exceeding 125 degrees, while the internal relative humidity remains less than 80%. If you're looking for unmatched performance from a stand-alone storage safe, the Media Vault Safe models simply can't be beaten. 

In addition, each and every fireproof Media Vault safe comes equipped with a key lock for added security, ensuring that you (and only you) are able to access the valuable contents contained within.