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Image Vault

If you work within a high cash-volume and high cash-turnover environment, then you’re probably aware of the dangers posed by theft and burglary, product and cash shrinkage, false claims and inefficient cash management. Integrating a digital video surveillance system or updating an existing video security system is an imperative step to becoming proactive when facing down issues of this nature. The facts are all well documented. What isn’t as clear is a method for surveillance that is both effective and efficient. What benefit is a week’s worth of surveillance footage if it takes another entire week or an entire team of individuals to review? What are you missing when you spot-check your footage?

With Image Vault Digital Video Security, you can streamline your surveillance practices while enhancing your ability to fight all forms of dishonest or inefficient behavior. Discover an innovative selection of advanced software, surveillance systems, DVRs and other advanced security solutions.


Image Vault Security DVR

The Image Vault PROZ is an integrated DVR solution that is designed to keep an eye on your business.