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Hercules by FireKing

FireKing Security Group's Hercules line of Cash and Key management products includes steel cash drawers and cash boxes, emergency boxes, key safes and more. Each product is meticulously designed to keep your valuables safe without ever sacrificing convenience and ease.  No matter what your line of work is, Hercules can protect your most valuable business assets, as well as your peace of mind.

Cash drawers are made of heavy gauge steel and come equipped with theft-resistant locking mechanisms and scratch-resistant powder coating.  Meanwhile, heavy-duty cash boxes provide a secure and flexible solution for your cash, especially when you're on the go. Finally, Hercules key cabinets offer an effective solution for the safety and management of your keys and come with electronic locks or key locks to give you the most value possible.


Cash Drawers

FireKing's Cash Drawers are made of heavy-gauge steel with theft-resistant locking mechanisms, as well as brand new scratch-resistant powder coating. In addition, each Cash Drawer includes a cable receipt for a printer.

Cash Boxes

With FireKing's Cash Boxes, you can keep your cash safe wherever you are. So, whether you're operating a retail booth, moving cash from till to safe, or have other mobility needs, Cash Boxes offer full peace of mind and security.

Key Cabinets

Security for your keys is security for your entire business! Hercules by FIreKing and other FireKing Key Cabinets provide the same tough security as FireKing's safes and file cabinets, all while offering a bit more mobility.

Magnetic Door/Window Alarm

The Magnetic Door / Window Alarm is only two-and-a-half inches long, but can effectively scare away the most determined intruders with its 100dB sound level. Great for the office, doors, windows and sliding glass doors.

Door Stop Alarm

Intruders might pick your lock, but they cannot get inside of your office, hotel room or house when it's secured by the Door Stop Alarm. The alarm will sound at a powerful 110dB level and the unit will wedge underneath the door.

Compact Personal Alarm

This 3-in-1 compact device slips easily into your pocket or purse and functions as an LED flashlight—but with a powerful 110dB sound level panic alarm and a passive infrared motion detector alarm. Includes a carrying strap.

Home Safes

If you’re looking for the best personal safe, FireKing's personal and home safes are designed to be compact, convenient, and just as capable of asset protection as much larger (and more expensive) safes.