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As technology continuously evolves, it's important to stay ahead of the curve. Built on the most advanced software available, elIVate manages all aspects of your security at an enterprise level, including alarm monitoring, intrusion detection, panic buttons, cash clips, enterprise-wide surveillance, smart safe integration and the ability to instantly forward video footage to the police. In addition, you'll be able to maximize profits and reduce cash shrinkage with point-of-sale integration, remote video auditing, suspicious transaction monitoring, KPI dashboard and much more.

elIVate is a proven, future-oriented solution that can easily incorporate the newest and most complex systems and IoT devices as your business develops, all while remaining incredibly easy to use. Stay ahead of the competition and start streamlining your cash management processes today. That way, you can start spending more time with your customers.


elIVate™ Video Intelligence Products

Elivate your video security to the next level.