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Saved from a rolling disaster by her FireKing cabinet.

Fire King, The residence of Mrs. Gerald J. Adams
car on a highway
  • Near total destruction
  • 0 records lost
  • 1 new file cabinet, provided under warranty

“The cabinet itself was badly scorched, but ... all the paper records I kept inside were intact.”

– Mrs. Gerald J. Adams

June proved to be much hotter than Mrs. Gerald Adams ever expected. At least for the contents of her household.

During her move from Florida to Massachusetts, the van carrying virtually all her earthly possessions caught fire. Starting at the van’s rear axle, the blaze quickly raged through the entire body of the trailer and totally destroyed everything on the truck, with one exception: the contents of her FireKing two-drawer file cabinet. Though badly scorched on the outside from the intensity of the heat, all the important documents stored within had come through unscathed.

“Since these records were important to me, I was very grateful indeed to have them back in my possession. Your FireKing file cabinet did what Fire King claimed it would do.”

Now safely ensconced in her new Massachusetts home, Mrs. Adams has replaced her lost furnishings and belongings … and her scorched FireKing cabinet. With a new two-drawer FireKing file cabinet provided under warranty, she has the peace of mind of knowing that her documents are again fully protected.

“While I hope never to experience a disaster like last June’s ever again, I am confident that my FireKing will protect whatever it holds, whatever happens.”

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