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It withstood an F-5 tornado without a loss.

Fire King, Jimmy and Sande Johnson’s Residence
  • F5 Tornado
  • Thousands of dollars accounted for
  • Priceless peace of mind

“Our house received a direct hit and still everything in our FireKing file cabinet made it through.”

–Sande Johnson

Backing up the computer and placing the disk in the file cabinet along with other valuable records was a routine precaution for Sande and Jimmy Johnson, ever since they had purchased a four-drawer FireKing file cabinet. Routine, that is, until the tornado that struck that fateful May 3rd.

When the tornado had passed, the Johnsons and their 18-year old son had to be dug out of the rubble that had once been their 2200 square foot home with an in-home office. They had lost most of their possessions, including three vehicles, watercraft, storage buildings, clothing and furniture. “The entire house was in small pieces…. No walls were left standing.”

Despite this destruction, many of their most valuable possessions survived: birth & marriage certificates, an old family Bible, jewelry, important personal records, and the payroll checks they had prepared for employees that day. “They were ready to go, along with the computer backup copy of our business accounting system, also safely stored in our FireKing file cabinet,” wrote Sande Johnson.

Because the Johnsons had the foresight to purchase a fireproof and crashproof FireKing file cabinet, they were able to quickly move on with their lives and their business.

The Best Protection Money Can Buy

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