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Fire-Rated Storage for Financial Professionals

FireKing, FireKing International
An aerial view of Robinson Industries after their fire in 2022
  • Why Buy Fire-Rated Storage
  • What to Keep in FireKing Products
  • How to Stay Compliant
FireKing International

Be compliant. Stay protected.

Why buy fire-rated storage?

Fire is unpredictable and if you could tell when it would happen, you would prepare accordingly. In order to protect your business, you might search for fireproof files or fireproof storage because you know it is important – 40% of businesses fail to reopen after a disaster[FEMA]. Fire-rated storage is an important component of any Risk Management or Disaster Recovery plan that you build for your company.

Which scenario would you prefer:

Scenario 1) You keep all your vital business records in fire-rated storage and you are able to access them after a fire.

Scenario 2) You lose everything and have to start from scratch.

We have found that our customers who opt for the fire-rated storage in Scenario 1 have a much easier, quicker, and less stressful road to recovery.

What to keep in your fire-rated storage?

We’ve found that our customers keep the following types of vital financial documents in their fire-rated storage:

  1. Inventory Lists and Stock Levels – These can help speed up insurance claims to get funds to help you rebuild after a fire.
  2. Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable Documents – By keeping these documents you save yourself the trouble of having to hunt down new AR documents to make sure you are getting all the money owed to your company and AP documents to keep your vendor relationships running smoothly.
  3. Contracts – It is possible that all of the other parties you deal with on a contractual basis keep their original documents, but that adds additional risk to your business if they can’t or won’t produce a contract if yours is burned in a fire. Keeping contracts in fire-rated storage can ensure that you can be self-reliant if you are in a contractual industry.
  4. Customer Lists – Losing a customer list can be devastating for a business and very time-consuming to rebuild. Make sure that your customer list is readily available and you are able to communicate with them after a disaster to let them know the status of your business.
  5. Human Resources Documents – Keeping confidential HR documents is smart because it is a huge pain to recreate these documents and obtain the proper verifications and maintain confidentiality. You’ll also need this employee data in the aftermath of a fire to make sure that all employees are accounted for and you are able to communicate with them.
  6. Tax Returns – The government does not accept fire as an excuse for not having proper tax documentation. Stay on Uncle Sam’s good side by keeping all your proper tax forms and records in fire-rated storage.

In addition to the good business sense it makes to keep these types of documents in fire-rated storage, there is one last reason that you should consider buying FireKing UL Fire-Rated Storage: compliance.

Our storage solutions are engineered and performance-tested to our own high standards, and to the industry-leading safety certifications of Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) and InterTek. This makes passing an audit a breeze because these are the strictest standards in the market for fire-rating. We stand behind our FireKing fire-rated certifications and have built our products to the highest quality with our customers in mind.

The Best Protection Money Can Buy

As one of America’s leading manufacturers, FireKing offers best-in-class products for asset protection in retail, commercial, and home office environments.

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