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Data retrieved, picture-perfect, from fire that melted girders

Fire King, American Hose and Hydraulics
  • 10.5 hours
  • 2800+ degrees at its hottest
  • .5-inch steel girders melted

“Your product performed its task and exceeded your published information on performance criteria.”

– David L. Prestridge

American Hose and Hydraulics of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, suffered a devastating fire that totally destroyed its offices. Experts determined that the blaze roared for more than 10 1/2 hours at temperatures in excess of 2000º, with temperatures exceeding 2800º during the hottest 3 1/2 hours of the conflagration.

The fire was so hot that steel girders 16 inches in girth and 1/2 inch thick melted and deformed! What chance would computer data and 35mm film have in such an inferno?

Fortunately for American Hose & Hydraulics, they safeguarded their computer data, camera and film in a DC20 FireKing Data Safe. Even though it was eleven hours later before the remnants of their offices had cooled enough to be entered, the FireKing Data Safe was retrieved intact from the wreckage.

After the safe was opened by a locksmith, “the computer data was retrieved, cleaned by professionals, and used in less than one week to put American Hose back on its feet,” wrote David Prestridge. But it gets even better. “The film in the camera was developed, just for fun,” he continued, “and rendered flawless pictures.”

So amazed at how well their FireKing Data Safe performed, American Hose now keeps the old safe enshrined at their new offices.

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