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Fire-Rated & Designed For Any Environment

Fire-Rated & Designed For Any Environment

FireKing File Cabinets are UL-Rated and rated with up to 2 hours of fire protection, depending on the model. Our sleek and modern designs will fit any home or work environment.

Industry Leading Fire-Rated Products Since 1951

Industry Leading Fire-Rated Products Since 1951

FireKing products have been protecting businesses, governments, and individuals from fire related disasters since 1951.
Shop the best in class UL Fire-Rated products, Made in the USA!*

New FireKing FireShield Storage Cabinet

New FireKing FireShield Storage Cabinet

FireShield Storage Cabinet has a 1-Hour fire rated certification, ensuring that valuables are protected during a fire. This level of protection is particularly reassuring for those storing important documents, currency, or irreplaceable items.

Made in the USA!

New Industry Leading Safe Lineup

New Industry Leading Safe Lineup

Meticulously engineered to offer unparalleled fire protection, security, and convenience for both home and office environments.

FireKing - Industry Leader Since 1951

Since 1951, FireKing has been a leading manufacturer of superior UL fire rated products, setting industry benchmarks for safety and durability in protecting valuable documents and assets from fire damage.

Our longstanding commitment to excellence and innovation in fire-resistant technology has made FireKing a trusted name among businesses and individuals seeking the highest level of security for their important files and possessions.

New FireKing FireShield Storage Cabinet - 1-Hour Fire Rating

Elevate the security of your valuable assets with the FireKing FireShield Storage Cabinet, a symbol of unmatched fire protection that has upheld the FireKing legacy for over seven decades. Designed with flexibility and aesthetic appeal in mind, this storage solution is your ally in preserving what matters most, be it at home or in the workplace.

Shop By Products

  • Classic Vertical

    Classic Vertical

    Fire-Rated Vertical File Cabinet, the ideal solution for individuals and businesses that require the ultimate in document protection.

  • Classic Lateral

    Classic Lateral

    FireKing Classic Fire-Rated Lateral File Cabinet, the essential safeguard for your crucial documents and media. This cabinet is designed to endure and excel in protecting against the severe consequences of fire, impact, or explosion.

  • 2-Hour Rated

    2-Hour Rated

    2-Hour UL Rated Fire Protection File Cabinets are recognized as best in class, these cabinets offer unparalleled security and resilience, making them an essential investment for businesses prioritizing the preservation of critical documents.

  • Turtle Series

    Turtle Series

    Engineered with precision and care, this file cabinet offers the exceptional fire-resistant capabilities FireKing is known for, all within a compact design that's perfect for small offices, home workspaces, and anywhere space is at a premium.

  • FireShield


    Elevate the security of your valuable assets with the FireKing FireShield product line. Designed with flexibility and aesthetic appeal in mind, this storage solution is your ally in preserving what matters most, be it at home or in the workplace.

  • Safes


    FireKing's safes, feature up to true 90-minute UL Rated fire protection, provide robust security solutions tailored to meet diverse needs, from personal valuables to business critical documents.

  • Patriot Series

    Patriot Series

    Balancing affordability with FireKing’s renowned integrity and high-quality construction, these file cabinets are designed for businesses operating within today’s budget-conscious landscape. 1-Hour UL Rated

  • SureSeal


    SureSeal by FireKing® Fire and Water Resistant Chest offers unparalleled protection, ensuring your valuables, from birth certificates to business records, remain unscathed and accessible, even when the unforeseen strikes.

Trusted Since 1951

FireKing is the brand synonymous with ultimate protection from fire, theft and other hazards — for ultimate peace of mind.

  • Peace of Mind

    Peace of Mind

  • Fire-Rated Protection

    Fire-Rated Protection

  • Lifelong Partnership

    Lifelong Partnership

Here's What They're Saying

  • The house had completely collapsed and burned. Everything was gone except one car's frame and my FireKing file cabinet.5/5 Brad Messer
  • Added protection for your company's vital records will always be a wise business expense.5/5 Cynthia Balmer
  • Your product performed its task and exceeded your published information on performance criteria.5/5 David L. Prestridge
  • I can't tell you how thankful we are that we had your cabinets protecting our corporate books, certificates and insurance documentation.5/5 Janet K. Reiss, CCAE
  • These two filing cabinets were the only thing that survived. There was no scorching on any of the papers. I would definitely recommend FireKing.5/5 JW Mills
  • It was the worst fire in our city's history but all the papers in our FireKing file survived.5/5 Kendall H. Hayhurst
  • The FireKing file was subjected to tremendous heat from 1:30am Wednesday to 4:30pm Friday. All the papers contained inside were in satisfactory condition.5/5 Kendall H. Hayhurst
  • Your FireKing cabinet did what FireKing claimed it would do.5/5 Mrs. Gerald J. Adams
  • While I hope to never experience a disaster again, I'm confident that my FireKing will protect whatever it holds, whatever happens.5/5 Mrs. Gerald J. Adams
  • Since these records were important to me, I was very grateful indeed to have them back in my possession.5/5 Mrs. Gerald J. Adams
  • The entire house was in small pieces, and still everything in our FireKing file cabinet made it through.5/5 Sande Johnson
  • More people need to think ahead about a fire affecting them and use these containers.5/5 Walker L. Chandler
  • Before using the FireKing products we were paying for off-site storage, but that quickly became an annoyance and a waste of money.5/5 William E. Rinehart


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