Floor Safes

Floor Safes provide the highest levels of security and efficiency for your business.

Deter theft and keep your cash secure

Keeping your cash hidden away in a Floor Safe is an effective way to keep it safe from burglary or robbery, as it will be incredibly hard to find and gain access to. Additionally, our Floor Safes are reliable and effective in deterring internal theft and shrinkage and are a vital part of eliminating inefficient cash-handling practices. While pouring concrete during construction, a Floor Safe can be encased directly in the slab. This offers is a perfect way to secure your Hidden Safe. These heavy-duty commercial Floor Safes give you secure storage, while the floor plate can help to conceal the location. Utilizing the same construction as the B-Rate chests, these safes offer you security for bulky storage. Our floor safes feature:

  • B-Rate 1/2" solid A36 steel door, sledgehammer and pry bar resistant
  • Thick 1" in diameter, chromed live locking bolts
  • Formed, full-welded 1/4" body
  • Adjustable, ball bearing hinge
  • ULĀ® approved Manual Combination Dial Lock