Deposit Slot Safes

Streamlined cash-management with superior security, provided by Deposit Slot Safes.

Eliminate shrinkage and theft

Ideal for nearly any retail environment, these safes keep your cash drops and till storage secure, simultaneously reducing theft, shrinkage, and inefficient cash-handling practices.

These B-rate Safe enable you to easily make envelope-sized drops. In some models, the drops are protected in a separate interior key locking compartment. Our Deposit Slot Safes feature:

  • B-Rate 1/2" solid A36 steel door, sledgehammer and pry bar resistant
  • Auto door detent
  • Thick 1" in diameter, chromed live locking bolts
  • Spring-loaded re-locker
  • Formed, full-welded 1/4" body
  • Adjustable, ball-bearing hinge
  • ULĀ® approved lock
  • Scratch resistant, hammer-tone gloss finish
  • Adjustable shelves