Gary by FireKing

Personal Safes

Our Gary Personal Safe offers big protection in a compact size; ideal for the protection of your important personal items anywhere it’s needed.

Available in Light Gray

Personal protection for your personal items

If you’re looking for the best personal safe, our Gary Personal Safe is designed to be compact, convenient, yet secure as much larger safes. This makes them ideal for a variety of applications including but certainly not limited to the home, office, dormitory, workstation or automobile. An included bolt-down kit easily attaches the safe to the wall or floor; only someone with the proper code can then remove the personal safe. The personal safe features a digital keypad allows for a 3- to 8-digit programmable entry code and manual override keys are provided in the case of an emergency. For resistance to burglary or unauthorized access, the personal safe features 9- and 14-guage construction on the door and walls, respectively.

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