Project Management

Organizations seeking a comprehensive program to reduce the risk in the cash handling activities need a comprehensive plan for predictability, and especially cash management, to reduce theft and shrinkage. FireKing Commercial Services offers Project Management to help you start on the right foot and put Best Practices in place that can reduce your risk of theft and cash shrinkage while providing you the resources and a plan to help you think strategically about your entire organization and its cash flow.

Planning your security program may be as simple as choosing the right commercial safes, or it may extend to protecting hundreds of locations with intelligent safes and video security requiring sophisticated permissions and access control.

In consultation with your organization’s leadership, we outline your needs and put our deep expertise in cash security, safes, and security surveillance into action to determine the scale and scope of your project and how to select both a hardware strategy and the training required to operate it. Our services team has the program management expertise to develop a comprehensive rollout plan and to keep implementations on schedule. We have experience managing implementations from one location to five thousand locations, with dedicated Project Managers available for larger initiatives. Pre-installation support and site surveys facilitate and streamline activities to enable efficient implementations. Product End-of-Life Programs assure the best possible financial replacement plan can be constructed.

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