Cash Management Safes

Transition from a reactive to proactive posture in your cash-management activities with Cash Management Safes.

It’s time to be proactive about protecting on-site cash — implement FireKing cash management safes at your business

Nobody has to tell you that keeping cash on site at your commercial or retail operation can be a liability. From the external threat of robberies to the internal threat of cash shrinkage, potential loss is a serious, ever-present issue — and one that directly impacts your business’s bottom line. That’s why you need a cash management safe from FireKing. With one of these products, your major security concerns can be alleviated and managed better than ever before. Because FireKing carries bill validating safes, rolled coin vending safes and asset protection products, we are your one-stop resource for transitioning from a reactive to a proactive posture in handling cash. Rather than waiting for an incident to occur and then facing the consequences, you are able to stay one step ahead of robberies or inefficiencies — all thanks to a cash management safe that safeguards your money.

From standalone units to a full network of safes set on a cloud-based business intelligence system, the right cash management safes are what will help you ensure that your on-site resources stay secure. Simply put, cash management safes take your cash management to the next level. With that in mind, FireKing carries various models of safes, allowing you to pick the right one for your business. Whether it’s through a bill-validating safe at a restaurant or a rolled-coin vending safe in a cash-heavy retail environment, our products give you the extra security you need. What’s more, even if you don’t know which product is right for you, FireKing experts have the knowledge to help you evaluate your business and select just the right resource to suit your location. Plus, when you choose a product from FireKing, you get to enjoy seamless integration, expert installation, testing, training and 24-hour customer service alongside your purchase.

As a leader among American manufacturers, FireKing is the company making top-quality security products for retail, commercial and home office asset protection. Cash management safes are just one type of safe we offer, along with commercial safes, record safes, data safes and more. Essentially, if something is important enough to place in a safe, FireKing has the security solution for housing it. We’re known around the country for our world-class customer service and product support, so come see for yourself what the FireKing experience is like. Contact us today!