Upper Cover Plate

Tools Needed

  1. Drill.
  2. 1/8 inch drill bit.
  3. (6) #8 pop rivets.
  4. Pop rivet gun.


  1. Fit the upper cover plate into the top of the cavity per the sketches below.
  2. Make sure the cover plate is flush against the top of the cavity and all the way back. Cover plates will install in all cavities the same way.
  3. Holding the upper cover plate in position and using the pre-drilled ho9le in the cover plate as a locator, drill a hole in the vertical member at point "A" and pop rivet into place. Move over to the other side of the cabinet and to the same think at point "B".
  4. Move to the front of the cabinet, point "C", and using the four pre-drilled holes as locators drill and pop rivet the cover plate to the top member in the four places shown on the sketch below.