Remove Head & Latch Plunger

  • With the drawer open and extended from the cabinet 8 to 12 inches, remove the handle and thumb latch (phillips screwdriver).
  • Remove the lock plunger. 2.a. Medico lock: Remove the lock plunger with a straight screwdriver on the back side of the drawerhead. 2.b. HG Oval Lock: Remove the slip pin from the lock plunger with pliers or vise-grips. Turn the key to the unlock position and pull the lock cylinder from the drawerhead.
  • 3. Using a phillips screwdriver, remove the screws along the sides and top edge.
  • Grasp the head and each bottom corner and pull up until the head clears the flange on the drawerhead backplate. The head is now removed from the drawerhead backplate and back side of the drawerhead is exposed allowing entry into the latch box.
  • Using a phillips screwdriver remove the latch box dust cover plate from the latch box. The lever arm assembly, spring and latch plunger are now exposed.
  • Insert a straight screwdriver between the top of the spring and the bottom side of the latch box base plate and pry spring out.
  • Rotate the lever arm assembly upward until it clears the slot on the side of the latch plunger. Pull the lever arm assembly from the latch box.
  • Let the latch plunger drop down and fall from the slot in the latch box.


  1. Insert the lever arm assembly shaft back into the large diameter hole in the latch box.
  2. Push the latch plunger up and back into the slot in the latch box and align the slot in the latch plunger with the lever arm.
  3. Put the spring back over the top of the latch plunger and under the latch box base plate.
  4. Place the latch box cover plate in place and replace the screws.
  5. Replace the thumb latch and the handle.

Replace Head

Align the liner flange over the drawerhead backplate and push down. Shut the drawer and inspect spacing around the head. The head will need to be realigned. Adjust the head spacing and replace screws and locking components.