Top Panel
To replace the top panel remove the screws from the top panel and raise the top panel at the back of the file until it clears. Slide the top panel forward to remove. Place the new top on the file and reinstall the screws.

Side or Back Panels
Remove the screws and take off the top panel as described above. Remove the screw from the bottom of the back panel and slide the back panel up until it clears the side panels. Pull the rear of the side panel away from the file and push forward until free. Replace with he new panel and re-install the top panel and all screws.

Bottom Panel
Remove the top, sides, and back panels per instructions above. Using a 2x4 lay the file on either the back or side so that the bottom is lifted off the floor. Pull the rear of the bottom panel away from the file and slide it toward the front of the file until it is free. Replace with the new bottom and reinstall the panels and screws.