FireKing NF

Medical Solution Cabinets

Secure storage and improved medicine dispensing.

Providing medication should be safe, simple, and secure!

Safe Storage. Safe Use.

Overworked staff, budget cuts that eliminate school nurses, complicated medication schedules: it’s easy to see how mistakes can happen. But we can help you prevent them, while helping protect your students, teachers, and community from costly and tragic mistakes. 

• Digital card reader provides access control and audit tracking
• Works with employee scan card badge technology
• Colored bags enhance HIPAA confidentiality
• Rail system holds writable, sealable bags
• Can be customized into an “all-rail” or “all-shelf” system
• Suitable for adult-care, daycare, etc.
• 20-gauge steel
• Alphabetical dividers
• Arctic white textured finish
• Key lock or digital card reader

Patent Pending

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