Record Safes

Record Safes are uncompromising high performance document safes that can be selected in terms of price and size to fit any budget.

Record And Document Safes

Some documents need more than just a place to be filed. Some documents need to be protected — from fire and from theft. A document safe or fireproof file box from FireKing will protect your most crucial documents from these common risks, so you can rest easy.

Dual-Labeled Safes Offer the Ultimate Protection

At FireKing, we put security above all other priorities. FireKing document safes are dual labeled. This means they are rated for both fire protection and theft protection. These safes have Underwriters Laboratories rating for fire protection, which means they have been tested in the laboratory at 1700 degrees, and during testing they did not exceed 350 degrees internal temperature for the rated time period. We have both one-hour and two-hour document fire safe options, providing the ultimate in protection for your most crucial documents.

However, fire is not the only risk for your documents. Some sensitive documents need to be protected from prying eyes and theft. Each of our document safes has Underwriters Laboratories Residential Security Container burglary ratings. This means they have security features, proven in laboratory testing, to keep burglars out. These safes have features like complex combination locks with drill-resistant, steel hardplates that make them harder to break into. They also automatically relock with a 1-inch extension on the bolt when the door closes.

This two-fold punch means these are the best option for residential document protection. Stash your will, mortgage, title and other important documents, and have peace of mind knowing they are secure.

Features and Benefits of FireKing Record Safes

File safes from FireKing offer affordable pricing on top-level security. Some of the features of these safes include:

  • Drill-resistant steel to protect the lock.
  • Combination locks to protect from theft.
  • Class 350 Fire Ratings for one to two hours.
  • Underwriters Laboratories Residential Security Container Burglary Rating.
  • Bolt-O-Matic door guard — extends the bolt 1 inch when the door is closed.
  • Over 1 million combination options with UL-Rated Group II combination lock.
  • UL-listed relocking device to improve security against theft.
  • Both horizontal and vertical bolts for added security.
  • Standard 7/8-inch anchor hole in each safe standard.
  • Made in the USA.


Affordable Pricing and Industry-Leading Technology

You can't put a price tag on security, but you may have a limited budget when shopping for burglarproof and fireproof document storage. The good news is, you can get affordable pricing when you shop with FireKing. We use the industry's leading technology to provide you with secure safes at some of the lowest prices in the industry. Secure your documents and protect them against fire without breaking your budget. If you are looking for a safe for documents or fireproof boxes for documents, FireKing has you covered.

If you have documents that need to be secure, fireproof document safes and fireproof boxes for documents can help. Whether you choose a one-hour or two-hour design, you will find exactly what you need with FireKing. Call us or browse our online catalog to find the document safe that is right for your needs.

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