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Cash Handling Safes

Every day, your business has to handle large amounts of cash. Keeping it in the till or opening the safe every time you need to deposit some of your hard-earned cash is not the most secure way to handle your money. Cash handling safes from FireKing can help you keep your cash accessible, while also improving your security measures for cash handling in your business.

Improved Security Against the Risk of Theft

Statistics show that robbery rates are increasing. Retail establishments, which naturally have a large stash of cash on hand, are a prime target for potential thieves. Losing your cash in a robbery will set your business back significantly.

Proper cash handling procedures can help limit this risk, but without a secure place to store cash when it is not needed, no amount of cash handling training will help. At FireKing, we recommend working cash handling safes into your security protocols. We have a number of cash handling safes designed for this specific need.

When your cash is securely held in one of our small money safes, you improve the amount of protection for your business. Even if your store is robbed, the potential thief will not be able to access the majority of your money when it is held in one of our cash safes. This is a layer of protection that is needed in today's society.

Choose the Right Cash Management Safes for Your Needs

When you run a busy business, simply stashing your cash in a locked safe is not sufficient. You should have security combined with access to that cash when your workers or customers need it. FireKing offers a number of cash management safes for your consideration. These include:

  • Bill validating safes: Our bill validating safes not only keep your cash secure, but also provide accounting and reporting services by counting the bills when deposited.
  • Coin and note dispensing: Coin and note dispensing safes allow access to money when needed, all while keeping account of money coming in and out.
  • Asset protection safes: For even easier access with improved protection, consider asset protection safes. These ensure your business has access to your cash when needed, safeguarding it from burglary when it is not in use.

Our safes use the latest technology to sync with your computer and accounting software, so you have fast and accurate accounting whenever needed.

Cash Management Made Simple and Secure

Retail cash handling is a necessary part of running any business, but it does put your assets at risk. Cash management and cash security is an integral aspect of business management. With FireKing, managing your cash is a little easier. Browse our retail cash handling safes online, or call and let the FireKing team help you select the right money safe for your needs.